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12 Nov 2017

Won't call Kim 'short, fat': Trump on Kim's 'old' comment

After North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called Donald Trump "old", it was the American president's turn.

"Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me 'old' when I would never call him 'short and fat'?" he tweeted.

He added Chinese President Xi Jinping was "upping sanctions" on North Korea over its nuclear programs.

This came after he attended the APEC Summit in Vietnam.

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Trump and Kim Jon-un trade barbs again
Trump and Kim were never very friendly


Trump and Kim were never very friendly

This isn't the first time Trump and Kim have traded insults. Earlier this year, Trump said he would "totally destroy" North Korea in his maiden UN address if it threatened the US.

After the NKorean foreign minister addressed the UNGA, Trump made references to "Little Rocket Man".

Kim then called Trump a "mentally deranged US dotard" and said he would tame him with fire.


Recently, Trump uncharacteristically praised Xi Jinping after barbs on NKorea

During his recent trip to Beijing, Trump lavished praise on Xi, in sharp contrast to his criticisms of China over issues of NKorea and trade.

He urged Xi to "work very hard" on coaxing Pyongyang to denuclearize but didn't "blame China" for "taking advantage" to gain a trade surplus against the US.

China fought with NKorea in the 1950 Korean war against US-led forces.

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Undeterred, NKorea has continued its nuclear program


Undeterred, NKorea has continued its nuclear program

Meanwhile, NKorea conducted its sixth and strongest nuclear bomb test yet in September. This prompted the US to slap another round of sanctions on the country.

NKorea insists its ballistic weapons program is necessary to counter "hostility" from the US and its allies.

The US has responded by saying though it prefers a diplomatic solution, all options "including military" are on the table.

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