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26 Nov 2017

Dawood depressed over family problems: Only son becomes maulana

Dawood Ibrahim's only son becomes a maulana

If the confessions of Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar are true, the feared gangster seems to be having family problems and is depressed.

The problem is his third child, Moin Nawaz, also his only son. Moin has reportedly shunned his family's wealth and become a maulana, a cleric-cum-religious teacher.

But Dawood doesn't have anyone else to pass on the business.

Here's what Kaskar said.

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Dawood Ibrahim's only son becomes a maulana
The various revelations by Iqbal Kaskar


The various revelations by Iqbal Kaskar

Kaskar, wanted for extortion, assault and murder, among others, was nabbed along with his accomplices in September.

Since then, he has revealed various details about Dawood, like the fact that his security has been scaled up 50 times and his hideout changed four times since 2014.

Iqbal also said Dawood maintains contact with his family and helps them whenever required.


Dawood's only son left his family to become god's man

Kaskar has now said that Moin, who used to help his father in work, gradually drifted towards the "divine call of Allah".

The respected maulana teaches the Quran to young children and conducts other social-religious tasks.

He is estranged from the family but is accompanied by his wife Saniya and three children. They stay in quarters provided by his mosque's management.

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Where are Dawood's other children?


Where are Dawood's other children?

This is making Dawood unhappy; he's worried about who will handle his underworld empire. His older brother Anees is ageing, the rest are dead and he has no other close relatives.

Of Moin's siblings, Makrukh is married to the son of Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad, and Mahreen to a US-based businessman's son.

Investigators are hopeful of receiving more information from Kaskar in the future.

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