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05 Dec 2017

Pakistani youth arrested for 'Hindustan Zindabad' slogans

A Pakistani youth in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has been booked for treason after he wrote 'Hindustan Zindabad' on his house's wall.

When Sajid Shah wrote the pro-India slogans, many asked him to erase them as it hurt their sentiments.

But he didn't listen. Locals then clicked photos of the wall and sent them to police.

He was then booked "on orders from high-ups", an officer said.

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Pakistani youth arrested for pro-India slogans
Shah, the family's sole breadwinner, was reportedly inspired by Bollywood


Shah, the family's sole breadwinner, was reportedly inspired by Bollywood

According to police, Shah, the eldest of four brothers, is the sole breadwinner of the family. He left school to work in a match factory.

According to IBTimes, his fascination with Bollywood inspired him to write pro-India slogans.

He has now been booked under Section 505 of the Pakistani Penal Code. If convicted, he could be jailed for up to seven years.

A Kohli fan in Pakistan was arrested for hoisting tricolor

In January, a lookalike of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli was arrested in Pakistan after he hoisted the Indian tricolor to show his support for the player. However, he claimed he didn't know it was a crime and requested a pardon. He was acquitted.

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India too is wary of "anti-national" activities

Action against "anti-national" activities is quite similar on this side of the border too. In October, police in Bihar detained three and lodged FIRs against 21 for allegedly shouting pro-Pakistan slogans during a Muharram procession.

In June, at least 19 people were arrested from across the country for celebrating Pakistan's win over India in the Champions Trophy final. At least three dozen were booked.

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