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08 Dec 2017

Russia pleads India's case to China over NSG membership

Russia strongly supports India's membership to NSG

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has said his country is speaking to China at "all levels" for India's inclusion to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

Ryabkov, who is visiting New Delhi, said India's application to the NSG can't be "interlinked" with Pakistan's.

He also hoped that India would win the membership to the Wassenaar Arrangement, another key export control regime.

In context

Russia strongly supports India's membership to NSG


What is the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)?

The NSG was created in 1974 after India used fuel from Canadian supplies to conduct its nuclear weapons test.

The group consists of 48-member nations which possess a large amount of nuclear fuel ore or technology.

The group seeks to limit trade in nuclear technology so as to ensure that nuclear fuel and technology is used only for peaceful purposes by non-nuclear weapon states.


Russia feels India's NSG membership is being "politicized" by China

Ryabkov said India has an "impeccable and impressive record" in the area of non-proliferation which is why Russia has been very "vocal" about New Delhi's membership to the NSG.

"The issue of India's membership has been more politicized than anything else and it is an unfortunate development," he said.

This refers to China which has repeatedly blocked India's entry into the NSG.

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Russia rejects "interlinking" of India and Pakistan's NSG applications


Russia rejects "interlinking" of India and Pakistan's NSG applications

China prefers a criteria-based approach under which it has attempted to interlink both India and Pakistan's applications to the NSG.

Unlike India, Pakistan has a questionable non-proliferation record because its nuclear scientist AQ Khan had shared nuclear weapons technology with North Korea.

Ryabkov said "there is no unanimity on Pakistan's application" and has opposed this interlinking of applications.

"Positive action"

Russia expects "positive action" on India's application to Wassenaar Arrangement

Ryabkov said there are "very good chances of a positive action" on India's application at the plenary session of the Wassenaar Arrangement in Vienna.

He said he's keeping his "fingers crossed" about India's application.

The arrangement is a 41-nation group which deals with export controls for conventional weapons and dual-use goods and technologies.

China isn't a member of the Wassenaar Arrangement.

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