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19 Dec 2017

US welcomes "leading global power" India in Trump's strategy outlook

President Donald Trump has unveiled the US' new National Security Strategy.

In the document, the US has welcomed India's rise as a "leading global power" and says it will increase its cooperation with New Delhi under the US-Japan-India-Australia quadrilateral dialogue.

Under the strategy, the US will continue pushing Pakistan to act more against terrorism and be "responsible steward" of its nuclear weapons.

In context

Trump's strategy welcomes India as "leading global power"

National Security Strategy sets the tone for US' policies

Each US administration is statutorily required to release a National Security Strategy document. The document sets the tone for the US government's policies both home and abroad. For context, the Obama administration's 2015 strategy envisioned India as a "regional provider of security" in the Indo-Pacific.

On India

US to expand "defense and security cooperation with India"

Trump's strategy stresses that the US will "expand our defense and security cooperation with India, a Major Defense Partner... and support India's growing relationships throughout the region."

"We will deepen our strategic partnership with India and support its leadership role in Indian Ocean security and throughout the broader region," it adds.

This indicates that America would support India to counterbalance China in the region.

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On Pakistan

US to press Pakistan to secure nukes, act against terrorists

"We will press Pakistan to intensify its counterterrorism efforts, since no partnership can survive a country's support for militants and terrorists who target a partner's own service members and officials," the document says.

The US will "encourage Pakistan to continue demonstrating that it is a responsible steward of its nuclear assets," it adds.

This is in line with earlier statements by Trump administration officials.

On China/Russia

US considers China and Russia "revisionist powers"

The document names China and Russia as "revisionist powers" challenging the prevailing status-quo in the international order.

It accuses them of being "determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence."

It says the US must "rethink" its decades-old policies towards China and Russia.

Document names Iran and North Korea "rogue regimes"

The document names Iran and North Korea as "rogue regimes" who are pursuing nuclear weapons and missile technologies. It also expresses concern over "transnational terrorist organizations" who export violence to support their wicked ideology.

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