Melbourne: Driver arrested for ramming car into pedestrians, 14 injured

21 Dec 2017 | By Anupama Vijayakumar

At least 14 people were injured in Melbourne after a car rammed into a crowded.

Australian police have reportedly arrested the perpetrator, an Australian citizen of Afghan descent.

Victoria Police said the incident took place at the Flinders Street, a crowded junction in central Melbourne.

Police said the suspected is a drug user with mental health issues and has no known terrorist links.

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21 Dec 2017Melbourne: Driver arrested for ramming car into pedestrians, 14 injured

Ground reportsWhat happened?

The car rammed into the crowd at Findley street around local-time 16:30. According to an eye-witness, "the whole incident lasted for about 15 seconds."

"He has gone straight through the red light at pace and it was bang, bang," he recalled.

Speaking to BBC, Jim Stapas, a business-owner nearby, "It just barrelled through a crowded intersection. There was no attempt to brake......or swerve."

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How many people have been injured?

According to latest media reports, at least 14 people have been injured, with many of them in critical conditions. An official statement from Victoria Ambulance revealed that a child of pre-school age with severe head injuries had been taken to the hospital.

PM Turnbull: The incident is being investigated