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06 Jan 2018

Trump supports Republican senator's plan to cut Pakistan aid

Trump supports proposed bill to cut Pakistan aid

A day after the US government suspended $2 billion in security-related assistance to Pakistan, US President Donald Trump has publicly expressed support for Republican senator Rand Paul's plan to introduce legislation, and terminate all aid to Pakistan over its continued inaction against terrorists.

The President tweeted "Good idea, Rand!" when the senator voiced his plans to introduce the bill on Twitter.

In context

Trump supports proposed bill to cut Pakistan aid

Pakistan is no well wisher for America, says Paul

"The United States should not give one penny to countries which burn our flag and chant 'Death to America'," said Paul in a short online video message just before the US government went public with its decision to suspend aid to Pakistan.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul's long fight to cancel aid to Pakistan

Rand Paul has been a long-standing critic of Pakistan.

In 2016, Paul had introduced a joint resolution in the Senate, opposing Obama's plan to sell F-16 jets to Pakistan at costs subsidized by US taxpayers.

The resolution had failed, but Paul succeeded in getting the sale blocked.

Paul said that money saved from cancelling aid would be used for infrastructure development in the US.

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Stop spending tax money on people who obstruct fighting terror

"Countries like Pakistan that stonewall access to key information in fighting terrorism don't deserve our money. I say we should stop now. Stop sending your hard-earned tax dollars to Pakistan," said Paul, defending his stance against Pakistan.

Aid suspension

US cuts all security-related aid to Pakistan

President Trump has been unceasingly critical of Pakistan for not taking action against the Taliban and the Haqqani network and their safe havens.

On Thursday, the US announced that it would suspend all security-related aid to Pakistan including foreign military financing, financial aid for buying US military gear, the Coalition Support Fund etc.

The US has paid $33 billion aid to Pakistan since 2002.

Paul sings praises of Trump and his anti-Pakistan stand

"I've been fighting to end Pakistani aid for years. But now we have a breakthrough. President Trump has publicly called to end their aid, and is currently holding up over $200 million of it. I want to end all of it," declared Paul.

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