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14 Jan 2018

Hong Kong: Man brutally kills wife, child at Ritz-Carlton

Hong Kong: South Korean arrested for double murder

In a horrifying incident of double murder, a South Korean is suspected to have killed his wife and seven-year-old son this morning at Hong Kong's five-star Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Cops rushed to the luxury hotel following reports of a couple fighting; the woman and kid were found dead with slashed throats in the room.

The man was arrested and sent to a hospital.

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Hong Kong: South Korean arrested for double murder
Man appeared drunk when he was arrested: Police


Man appeared drunk when he was arrested: Police

Hong Kong Police said that the South Korean appeared drunk at the time of arrest; he was shifted to a hospital.

The police didn't confirm the relationship between the man, woman, and the child; they only said they were foreigners.

However, a spokesperson for the South Korean consulate in Hong Kong reportedly confirmed they were South Koreans and belonged to the same family.

Immediately contacted emergency services, police: Ritz-Carlton

Ritz-Carlton's spokeswoman stated: "As soon as we became aware of the situation we immediately contacted the emergency services and the Hong Kong police who attended the scene." Separately, a hotel spokesperson said, "Our thoughts are with the family of the guests...at this very difficult time."

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Friend's warning

Suspect's friend warned he was suicidal before the incident

According to Hong Kong-based Apple Daily, the couple (in their 40s) and their son checked into Ritz-Carlton a few days ago.

A source said the suspect's friend warned South Korean authorities shortly before the double-murder that his friend was potentially suicidal or that he and his family were committing suicide.

His friend alerted South Korean police who informed the nation's consulate in Hong Kong.

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