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21 Jan 2018

Statue of Liberty closed due to US government shutdown

Tourists who went down to lower Manhattan hoping to catch a ferry to the Statue of Liberty were left high and dry on Sunday as both the historic statue and the nearby Ellis island were closed owing to the US government shutdown.

On Friday, the National Park Service had announced shutting down of such tourist attractions unless Congress reached a funding deal by midnight.

In context

US govt. shutdown: Statue of Liberty closed down

Tourist attractions

Other tourist attractions will also be shut down soon

Despite several tourist attractions being closed down, open-air parks and monuments, including the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall remained open.

Similarly, the Smithsonian Institution also remains open for the time being, albeit its world-famous museums and the National Zoo are scheduled to be shut down tomorrow if the Congress cannot reach a funding deal.


Tourists are "mad at the government"

Several tourists who had booked their tickets in advance were unaware of the government shutdown and were far from pleased to hear about it.

Matthew Rutter, an employee of State Cruises which operates ferries to islands said that the tourists weren't mad at government servicemen. "They are mad at the government," he added.

Retired medical professional Stephen O'Malley said Republicans deserved "more blame".

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