FlyDubai-FZ981 crash: Second possible reason behind crash

19 Mar 2016 | Written by Ramya ; Edited by Gaurav
FlyDubai plane crash in Russia

The Interstate Aviation Committee had stated that there could be another probable reason for the Rostov disaster.

The committee said that a possible technical failure might also have resulted in the plane crash, and the flight recorders weren't recovered yet.

Several experts from the UAE, the US, and France, where the flight was registered, designed and manufactured would join the committee to investigate further.

In context: FlyDubai plane crash in Russia

Introduction FlyDubai, Low-cost Gulf carrier

The Government of Dubai had started a budget-friendly airline, 'FlyDubai' in July 2008.

During the establishing phase, the Dubai-based aviation group, 'Emirates Group' had supported FlyDubai.

In July 2008, FlyDubai had signed a deal with the largest aircraft manufacturer, Boeing for 50 Boeing 737-800 airliners.

FlyDubai currently serves the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa; and operates from Dubai to over 95 destinations.

27 Jan 2015Low-cost carrier, FlyDubai's plane attacked in Baghdad

FlyDubai's Boeing 737-800, Flight 215 from Dubai to Baghdad, which had 154 passengers aboard was attacked after landing at the Baghdad International airport.

According to the security officials, there were three or four sniper shots, which had been discharged from Radwaniya area.

Although the source of the attack was unknown, the authorities suspected an Islamic State attack, encouraging airlines to cancel flights to Iraq.

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FlyDubai joins IATA

FlyDubai had joined the global airline carriers’ trade organization, International Air Transport Association (IATA) on 10 March 2016. IATA represents 260 carriers and covers 83% of the world air traffic. FlyDubai became the fourth UAE carrier to join IATA.

19 Mar 2016Russia Plane crash: Passengers, crew onboard reported dead

Dubai-government-owned budget carrier- Flydubai's Boeing 737-800, which was flying from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don, crashed while landing at Rostov-on-Don airport.

Reportedly, the aircraft had seven crew members and 55 passengers of which 44 were Russian, 8 were Ukrainian, 2 were Indian, and one was Uzbekistani.

The plane had to abandon its first attempt to land due to bad weather but, crashed during its second attempt.

Russian President orders assistance to victims' families

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov had stated that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin had ordered immediate assistance to the families of those who died in the FlyDubai plane crash, which was their top priority.

19 Mar 2016Transport Ministry: Poor weather, pilot error caused crash

Russian Transport Minister's advisor, Zhanna Terekohova stated that the reason for the crash was poor weather conditions and pilot error.

An investigative committee confirmed that the plane hit the ground at about 250 meters short of the runway and broke into pieces, and all members aboard were dead.

FlyDubai stated that they would do everything to help those who were affected by the accident.

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19 Mar 2016FlyDubai-FZ981 crash: Second possible reason behind crash

21 Mar 2016FlyDubai announces $20,000 per victim

FlyDubai announced $20,000 in financial assistance to the kin of each of the 62 passengers, including an Indian couple on their flight that crashed enroute to Russia.

FlyDubai said in a statement that its priority is to identify and contact the families of the victims on board flight FZ981.

Meanwhile, Russian authorities recovered the black-box from the crash site, but it was severely damaged.

26 Mar 2016Russian TV airs final words of FlyDubai jet pilots

The Russian state television broadcasted the final words of the pilots flying the FlyDubai plane that killed 62 people.

Pointing towards a pilot error, the transcript revealed that the pilot lost control immediately after switching off the autopilot.

In a state of 'chronic fatigue', the pilot had accidentally turned on a stabilising fin at the tail which led to the steep dive and crash.

8 Apr 2016FlyDubai: Russian report points to pilot error

Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee, said in its report that the FlyDubai jet hit the ground at a speed of 600 kmph after the pilots put the plane into a steep dive.

The report added that "the crew's actions did not manage to prevent the plane from hitting the ground."

They clarified that the pilots were correctly informed of weather conditions, and were adequately trained.