Obama thanks the world for nuclear security cooperation

2 Apr 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Speaking at the nuclear summit, President Obama congratulated all 50 countries for their participation.

He hailed the fortifying treaties and international partnerships towards nuclear security.

Obama said that the support and an "all-out elimination of plutonium and highly enriched uranium from 14 nations and Taiwan" since the first Nuclear Security Summit six years ago was their greatest achievement.

In context: Nuclear Security Summit 2016

Introduction Nuclear Summit: President Obama's bid for a nuclear-free world

The nuclear security summit was initiated by President Obama in 2010 and began after his speech in Prague (2009) where he had shared his vision of a nuclear weapons-free world.

The 2016 summit is his 4th and final nuclear summit.

52 countries including four international organisations- UN, International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol), International Atomic Energy Agency and the European Union participated in the event.

1 Apr 2016Obama worried about North Korea and Russia

In spite of all the progress made, US President said that further negotiations needed to be made with Russia for nuclear reductions.

Russia- one of the world's biggest nuclear power boycotted the summit.

Further, Obama said that dealing with North Korea's nuclear ambitions was another need of the hour.

Obama agreed that complete nuclear disarmament "perhaps will not happen in my lifetime."

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President Obama critiques Trump's call for nuclear weaponry

Without naming Trump, Obama said: "The person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy, or nuclear policy, or the Korean Peninsula, or the world generally."

Canada Canada pledges $42 million towards nuclear security

Canadian PM Trudeau made a $42 million pledge towards nuclear security.

$26.5 million was sanctioned for sustaining global efforts for the interception of illegal nuclear trafficking.

$6.6 million was allocated to support the International Atomic Energy Agency's security fund dealing with cyber-security at nuclear facilities.

$5.7 million for enhancement of physical security of nuclear facilities and $2.3 million to increase security of radioactive sources.

2 Apr 2016Modi announces initiatives by India for nuclear security

Speaking on the 2nd day of the Nuclear Security Summit, Modi announced initiatives being taken by Indian government for nuclear security and non-proliferation.

PM Modi said India had deployed technology to deter nuclear terrorism and nuclear smuggling.

These include "physical and cyber barriers, technological approaches, setting up a facility for medical grade 'Moly-99' using low enriched Uranium and using vitrified forms of vulnerable radioisotopes".

2 Apr 2016Obama thanks the world for nuclear security cooperation