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13 Mar 2018

US student visas to Indians dropped by 28% in 2017

The number of US student visas issued to Indians fell by 28% in 2017, revealed state department data.

Last year, the total F-1 student visas issued by America dropped by 17% to 393,573 from 417,728 in 2016, reported Hindustan Times.

From 65,257 in 2016 to 47,302 in 2017, Indians suffered the biggest drop. The next was China, with a decline of 24%.

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In context

Fewer Indian students getting US visas


Trump has tightened the noose around getting US student visas

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the new state department data on Monday, blamed the massive drop on stricter admission criteria mandated by an executive order that President Trump signed in 2017.

The changed guidelines, which also reflect in the Foreign Affairs Manual, now require consular officials to ensure that students returned to their home countries post course completion.

Other factors

High tuition costs, uncertain job market, unwelcoming climate also responsible

However, Donald Trump is not the only reason. The number of foreign students attending colleges in the US had started dropping before he took office. From 644,233 in 2015 it slumped to 471,728 in 2016.

Several other factors including high tuition costs, uncertain job market in the US, gun violence and the less-than welcoming climate also weigh in.

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International student applications at US colleges fall by 40%

Announcing the findings of a survey of 250 colleges at the end of the 2017 applications, the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers said that about 40% of US colleges were seeing a decline in applications from international students.

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