ISIS releases ‘hit’ list targeting US military personnel

2 May 2016 | By Ramya

'Islamic State Hacking Division' released a hit list- 'Target-United States Military,' featuring the names of 75 US military personnel involved in drone strikes against terrorists in Syria.

ISIS shared addresses and photographs of the military personnel and urged its followers to kill them "wherever they are".

ISIS also claimed to have a source in the UK Defence Ministry and threatened to reveal secret intelligence.

In context: Islamic State's 'hit' lists

What is ISIS?

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Daesh, is a Salafi (Sunni) jihadist terrorist group. ISIS was founded in 1999 by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Aug-Dec 2015ISIS targets India, PM Narendra Modi

In Aug'15, a book-'Empire of Fear' featured a world map showing the places ISIS wanted to take over by 2020; the entire Indian Continent was mentioned on the map.

In Dec'15, ISIS had released a manifesto and stated that it would soon expand its fight beyond Iraq and Syria.

The manifesto included India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan; PM Modi was also mentioned in the manifesto.

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British MPs likely to be attacked by ISIS

13 Dec 2015British MPs likely to be attacked by ISIS

ISIS had released a target list, which featured several Britain's Ministers of Parliament, who had to tighten their security as it was likely that the terror group could directly attack them.

ISIS claimed that its political assassination wing had shifted the spotlight from Syria to the UK.

The list featured MPs who had voted for the bombing in Syria to eliminate terrorists.

Britain-one of ISIS' primary targets

In Jan'16, ISIS identified Britain as one of its primary terror targets. ISIS had released a chilling 17-minute-video message showing different scenes of London indicating that Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge and Big Ben were on the target list.

Mar 2016New Jersey and Minnesota cops targeted by ISIS

ISIS hackers threatened 55 New Jersey cops by publishing their names, addresses, numbers and other details in their target list online; cops right from probationary officers to captains were on the list.

Over 36 officers from across the Minnesota state were on a 'wanted' or 'kill' list released by ISIS' cyber army.

Several cops mentioned in the list belonged to St. Paul's Police Department.

13 Apr 2016ISIS targets Muslim leaders in US, UK, Canada

ISIS put American Imams, Muslim leaders in the UK and Canada on its hit list for promoting that the West and Islam could coexist.

In an article-'Kill the Imams of Kufr in the West' published in its magazine-Dabiq, ISIS justified attacking Muslim leaders for their propaganda on how Muslims and Westerners can coexist.

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's aide, was also mentioned in the list.

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26 Apr 2016Pro-ISIS hacker group distributes 'kill' list

United Cyber Caliphate-hackers with a pro-ISIS group had distributed a 'kill' list that featured dozens of US government officials, according to

The list mentioned names of 43 people linked to the US State Department, Homeland Security, Defense, Commerce, Energy, Health and Services departments.

The released list also targeted US Embassies in Kathmandu, Santiago, and Department of the Navy in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Thousands of New Yorkers targeted by ISIS

Despite no affiliation to the US Government, the names of 3,600 ordinary New Yorkers appeared in an ISIS hit list, which came into light on 30 April 2016. The FBI had not revealed the names of mentioned people publicly.

2 May 2016ISIS releases ‘hit’ list targeting US military personnel