World Reputation Rankings issued-India not in top 100

5 May 2016 | By Ramya

'Times Higher Education (THE) World Reputation Rankings 2016' has been released and Indian universities failed to feature in the top 100 prestigious educational institutions list.

Harvard University topped THE rankings for the third consecutive time; American Universities-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (climbed from No.4 to No.2) and Stanford University (from No.5 to No.3) followed Harvard.

UK's Cambridge and Oxford Universities occupied No.4 and No.5 places.

In context: Ranking global universities' reputation

Introduction What is ‘THE World Reputation Ranking’?

Annual Times Higher Education (THE) World Reputation Ranking is a subsidiary of THE World University Rankings.

According to 'THE', if a university is a brand, then its reputation is the key factor in determining its strength.

Reputation rankings represent which global institutions could attract top talent and influence students and parents.

The first list was released in 2011, which was topped by Harvard University.

Rankings On what basis are the rankings given?

THE World Reputation Ranking is based on statistically-representative, invitation-only survey of over 10,000 scholars in 133 countries.

To top the list, an educational institution requires a high international focus, publishing cutting-edge research to the global-audience, and commitment to professional communication and marketing of its achievements.

World Reputation Rankings show how institutions' teaching strength and research strength are perceived by academics, students, faculty, and stakeholders.

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5 May 2016World Reputation Rankings issued-India not in top 100

India needs to invest in research

Phil Baty-THE Editor said, “With the population of young people in the country continuing to expand resulting in further pressure on resources, it is now more crucial than ever that India invests in research and strengthens its links with other nations."
THE list represents only 0.5% of global institutes

5 May 2016THE list represents only 0.5% of global institutes

The 2016 rankings were based on 10,323 survey responses submitted between January and March.

On behalf of THE, Elsevier firm administered the questionnaire to experienced and published scholars who had offered their view on academic excellence based on their familiarity with an institute.

Baty explained that the top 100 list represented only 0.5% of all the higher education institutions present in the world.

5 May 2016China leads BRICS nations with 5 universities

China leads the BRICS nations with five universities in the top 100 places followed by Russia with three.

Brazil's São Paulo University featured in 91-100 places; South Africa joined India by not having a single university in the top 100 reputation rankings.

Phil Baty said that Indian universities had performed well in '2016 THE World University Rankings' where 17 of them made the cut.

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India's only 'World Reputation Ranking' appearance

Ever since the launch of THE World Reputation Ranking, only one Indian educational institution-IISc (Bangalore) was featured on the top 100 list. Not a single Indian university or institute has made it to the top 100 list since 2012.