Nepal: Bomb blast outside Indian Embassy consulate office in Biratnagar

17 Apr 2018 | By Rajashree Seal

An explosion took place outside the Indian consulate office in Nepal's Biratnagar area on Monday night. The blast damaged the wall of the premises, said a media report.

Morang SP Arun Kumar BC said the blast took place in an open space behind the building that caused minor damage to the wall.

Police said they're investigating to find out on who caused the blast.

In context: Minor explosion outside Indian consulate office in Nepal

17 Apr 2018Nepal: Bomb blast outside Indian Embassy consulate office in Biratnagar

InvestigationLocal political group cadres suspected behind the blast

Investigating officers suspect that cadres of a local political group have caused the blast. The party had called a general strike in Biratnagar yesterday.

The security around the blast site has been upped after the incident.

Meanwhile, security sources in New Delhi citing inputs from Nepal also confirmed a small explosion took place at Biratnagar at the Indian Embassy consulate office.

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Explosion happened at around 8:20 pm

DetailsExplosion happened at around 8:20 pm

The explosion took place at the temporary consulate office which had been set up during floods in Nepal and north Bihar and continues to function since then.

The explosion happened at around 8:20 pm and caused a hole in the compound wall. No one was in the office at the time of the incident, sources said.

Biratnagar is the industrial capital of Nepal.