US-North Korea: CIA chief visit, Trump-Kim meeting


18 Apr 2018

Reports: CIA chief Mike Pompeo secretly met Kim Jong-un

According to anonymous officials cited by multiple media outlets, CIA chief Mike Pompeo had secretly met North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un over the Easter weekend, this April.

US President Trump had alluded to the meeting at a news briefing with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, saying that US-North Korea talks were at "extremely high levels".

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Trump-Kim talks?

Trump and Kim expected to meet in June

Trump and Kim expected to meet in June

In the news briefing with visiting Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, President Trump has said that he expected to meet Kim Jong-un "probably in early June or a little before", and that five venues are being considered for the historic meet.

The meeting, because of its global ramifications, is expected to be followed closely by global powers, including New Delhi.

Trump hopeful about meeting with Kim Jong-un

"I look forward to meeting with Kim Jong-un. And hopefully that will be a success. And maybe it will be, and maybe it won't be. We don't know...But I can say this: They do respect us. We are respectful of them," said President Trump.

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Pompeo's visit

Little is known about Pompeo's visit to North Korea

Reportedly, the CIA has been working with its North Korean intelligence counterpart, the Reconnaissance Intelligence Bureau.

Pompeo has also been in touch with Suh Hoon, the Director of South Korea's National Intelligence Service, who reportedly brokered Kim Jong-un's invitation to President Trump.

However, neither President Trump nor the White House, offered any further details of Pompeo's visit to North Korea.


First such high-level US-North Korea interaction since 2000

First such high-level US-North Korea interaction since 2000

CIA chief Mike Pompeo's meeting with Kim Jong-un marks the first such high-level interaction between the US and North Korea since 2000 when the then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had travelled to North Korea to meet Kim Jong-il, the current Supreme Leader's father.

The visit also highlights Trump's use of US Intelligence in negotiations with North Korea.

Peace treaty?

Possibility of peace between South and North Korea?

Trump also gave his "blessing" to South Korea-North Korea talks to end the ongoing war, 65 years after an armistice ended the fighting in 1953.

Yet, a peace treaty isn't a new idea, and had been discussed in the 1990s and even in 2005.

This time around, Kim has reportedly assured that he is willing to discuss denuclearization with the US and South Korea.

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