Former Maldives Vice President jailed for 10 years

7 Jun 2016 | By Vijaya
Maldives convicts yet another former leader

A court in Maldives sentenced former vice president Ahmed Adeeb for 10 years on charges of terrorism and for possession of firearms.

With Adeeb's sentencing, almost all of President Abdulla Yameen's key rivals are either in jail or living in exile.

Ahmed Adeeb is the fourth high-profile politician sent to jail since President Yameen Abdul Gayoom came to power in 2013.

In context: Maldives convicts yet another former leader

Maldives President Yameen Abdul escapes speedboat explosion

On 28 Sep 2015, Maldives President Yameen Abdul escaped unhurt from a blast on his speedboat as he returned home after preforming hajj in Saudi Arabia, but his wife and two aides were injured.

24 Oct 2015Maldives VP detained over alleged assassination attempt

Ahmed Adeeb, the Vice-President of Maldives, was arrested over the alleged assassination attempt on President Yameen Abdul in a speedboat explosion.

Maldivian authorities initially said the boat explosion appeared to be an accident, but said subsequent forensic findings pointed to an assassination attempt.

Since the blast, Gayoom fired his defense minister and police chief. Three soldiers were also arrested in connection with the blast.

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Adeeb's rise to vice-presidency

Adeeb who was once Mr Gayoom’s trusted protege, became vice president in July 2015 after the impeachment of his predecessor, Mohamed Jameel, who had fallen out of the president’s favour.
Ahmed Adeeb impeached from office

5 Nov 2016Ahmed Adeeb impeached from office

Maldives' parliament voted to impeach the country's Vice President Ahmed Adeeb from office.

The impeachment motion was rushed through under a state of emergency, declared the previous day.

Adeeb was charged with treason for allegedly planning to kill President Yameen Abdul Gayoom in a speedboat explosion.

Adeeb denied trying to kill the president and had not yet faced trial.

25 Nov 2015Maldives former VP Adeeb charged with terrorism

Former Vice President of Maldives Ahmed Adeeb was charged with terrorism on suspicion of carrying a pistol, by country's Prosecutor General.

Adeeb would be prosecuted under the 1990 Anti Terrorism Act, as the alleged offence was committed before the new terror law was passed in early November.

Adeeb now faces a variety of charges including attempted murder, criminal conspiracy and corruption.

7 Jun 2016Former Maldives Vice President jailed for 10 years

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Other former leaders of Maldives imprisoned so far

Maldives former President Mohamed Nasheed, the former Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim and the head of a leading political party, Sheikh Imran Abdulla, are the otherr former leaders aprart from Adeeb to get lengthy prison terms.