French government calls for alcohol ban in match zones

13 Jun 2016 | Written by Nandita ; Edited by Gaurav

French prosecutors ahve stated that a group of "well-trained" Russian hooligans were behind the violence in Marseille.

Ten people - six Britons, three French and an Austrian - face an immediate trial.

Two Russians were also arrested for pitch invasion violations.

The French government has urged cities hosting Euro 2016 matches to ban alcohol near venues and fan zones.

In context: Euro 2016 violence

Previous entanglements of England Fans

In 1998, England fans were associated with significant chaos over several days in Marseille before and after a match against Tunisia. In 2000 UEFA threatened to kick England out of the tournament after clashes broke out between English and German fans in Brussels and Charleroi.

Clashes Clashes of England and Russia fans in Marseille expose failure of planning

Two England supporters were seriously injured in Marseille after violent battle with rival fans before and after England's opening Euro 2016 group match against Russia.

Thirty-five people were injured in the fighting, including one English fan who suffered a heart attack.

UEFA has warned Russia and England that they could be kicked out of the Euro 2016 championship and also face sanctions.

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13 Jun 2016French government calls for alcohol ban in match zones

French authorities on alert for next match

Alert French authorities on alert for next match

French authorities are now on red alert for Russia's upcoming game in Lille on Wednesday against Slovakia.

England's next Group B game against Wales in nearby Lens on Thursday has already been labelled as a high-risk game by authorities.

The French government gave police chiefs powers to prohibit alcohol sales prior to matches near the 10 stadiums.

People taken into custody

France's interior ministry said that 116 people had been questioned in relation to violence since the commencement of the tournament. Three of those were evicted from France, while five others were prohibited from entering the country.

Action Initiatives by Authorities

French authorities said they had detained 63 people linked to violence since the start of Euro 2016 and gave police new powers to prohibit alcohol sales around stadiums.

European football's governing body UEFA issued a warning as German hooligans became the latest to join street battles that have ruined the tournament, following three days of clashes in Marseille between Russian and English fans.

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14 Jun 2016FA expresses concern over Lille security

The FA has expressed concerns over the security arrangements for the Euro 2016 football matches scheduled to take place in Lille on Wednesday and Thursday.

Russia will play Slovakia on Wednesday and England would play Wales at the same venue on Thursday.

Authorities are concerned about a repeat of the Marseille​ clashes between Russian and English fans which led to several arrests and deportations.

15 Jun 2016Northern France cities ban alcohol for Euro 2016

After a series of security incidents involving rowdy football fans, the French cities of Lille and Lens have agreed to ban the sale of alcohol when Euro 2016 football matches would be held there.

English and Russian fans are scheduled to be in the city on alternate days for their respective matches.

Authorities want to avoid a repeat of the violence in Marseille.

16 Jun 2016Russia condemns France's bias in Euro 2016 violence

The Russian government condemned the detention of Russian football fans in France after clashes with English football supporters in Marseille.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov slammed the move calling it "absolutely unacceptable."

Asserting that Russians were not solely at fault, he lambasted the French government's approach, saying they were "trying to ignore the absolutely provocative actions of fans from other countries."

17 Jun 2016France expels Russian football association chief

Following violence between English and Russian fans in Marseille, French authorities have decided to expel the chief of the Russian Football Association.

Alexander Shprygin and 20 other Russian fans were detained while they were on their way for a match.

They have been deported and have also been barred from attempting to enter France for at least 2 more years.

19 Jun 2016France deports Russian fan chief over riots

The French government has deported Alexander Shpyrgin, the chief of the Russian Football Association fan club.

He arrived in Moscow along with 19 other Russian fans after French authorities detained them in connection with the Euro 2016 violence in Marseille.

However, Shpyrgin and the other fans asserted that they would travel to Europe once again for Monday's match between Russia and Wales.