Boston bomber apologises

25 Jun 2015 | By Siripriya
Boston Marathon Bombings case

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, prime accused in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings finally broke his silence and apologised for his actions.

His 4 minute speech came after the judge formally confirmed Tsarnaev's death sentence.

The judge quoted Shakespeare saying that "The evil that men do lives after them...The good is oft interred with their bones. So it will be for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev."

In context: Boston Marathon Bombings case

20 Apr 2013Boston blast suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev captured

3 people were killed and over 200 were injured after 2 bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on 15 April 2013.

FBI termed it as a potential terrorist attack.

Police got hold of suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a day after a lockdown on Boston's streets and violent clashes claimed the life of a police officer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Who was Tsarnaev?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a student at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and was of Chechen origin.
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Tsarnaev’s request for more time rejected

18 Oct 2013Tsarnaev’s request for more time rejected

Tsarnaev's lawyers' requested the federal judge to order prosecutors to give more time for preparation of arguments against the death penalty was rejected.

He had pleaded not guilty to all the 17 charges against him.

According to U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, Tsarnaev's lawyers had six months since the bombings to prepare their case against the death penalty, which was more than enough.

6 Feb 2015Tsarnaev loses third bid to move trial

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's third request to move his trial outside Massachusetts was rejected by the federal judge.

The Judge was of the view that the jury selection had proved that people were capable of being fair and impartial.

Tsarnaev's case was to be decided by a panel of 12 jurors and six alternatives.

9 Apr 2015Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found guilty on 30 charges

The jury had to take a call on whether to execute him or show mercy

His lawyer had argued that his elder brother was the mastermind behind the bombings

17 of the 30 counts pitted against him were punishable by death

The 12-member jury had to be unanimous in their decision for Tsarnaev to receive a death sentence or lifetime in jail.

16 May 2015Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death

Tsarnaev was sentenced to death by a US jury for his role in carrying out the 2013 attack that left three people dead and 264 others wounded

The jury awarded him death by lethal injection

He was found guilty of placing 2 homemade pressure-cooker bombs and fatally shooting a policeman

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6 Jun 2015Friends of the Boston Marathon bomber sentenced

3 of the Boston Marathon bomber Tsarnaev's college friends were sentenced to prison for misleading the investigation by throwing the bomber's backpack in a dumpster after the 2013 attack.

Azamat Tazhayakov, from Kazakhstan was sentenced to 3.5 years, while Robel Phillipos of Massachusetts was handed out a sentence of 3 years.

Dias Kadyrbayev was sentenced to 6 years for the obstruction of justice.

25 Jun 2015Boston bomber apologises