Democrats lead in campaign holdings against Republicans

21 Jun 2016 | By Divya
Hillary Clinton holds edge over Donald Trump

According to the reports of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Hillary Clinton's campaign cash reserve of $42.5m is 32 times larger than that of Trump's $1.3m.

Trump received a donation of merely $3m as compared to Clinton's $26m post his win in the Republican primary contest.

Republican nominee Trump also lags behind Clinton in the opinion polls for the Presidential elections scheduled in November.

In context: Hillary Clinton holds edge over Donald Trump

Introduction US Presidential elections

The 58th US quadrennial US President elections will take place on 8 November 2016.

The presumptive presidential nominee from Democratic and Republican Parties are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively.

The recent polls display Ms. Clinton leading Mr. Trump.

Trump encountered sharp criticism all over the the world for passing provocative remarks over minorities, terrorism and racially abusive political rallies during his campaign.

Hillary ClintonClinton celebrates success in campaign war chest

Clinton's campaign war chest was reported to be the highest by the FEC.

In May, she raised $26m, contributed by 430,000 people. She also received an average donation of $44m.

In contrast to Trump's campaigning failures, Clinton had reserved nearly $21m for television advertisements.

Clinton is also backed with donations invested by major allies, including Democratic National Committee and Political Action Committee.

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Donlad TrumpTrump's faces worst financial situation in political history

In May, roughly 20% of Trump's expenditures were incurred over his own companies.

The total outlay of his fundraising costs somewhere around $46m, raised through loans.

After rising controversies over racially charged remarks,Trump fired his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, months before the elections.

Trump's campaign failed to air any television advertisement post his win in May.

Sour grapes

Despied failed attempts to raise considerable funds, Donald Trump, while addressing a speech said that spending less on campaigning should be seen as a strength and not weakness.

20 Jun 2016Win-win situation for Democrats

According to a survey, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton bagged a lead after receiving 47% votes of the registered voters.

In contrast, only 40% voters support the self-proclaimed billionaire Donald Trump.

While Trump leads the support of men and white voters, Ms. Clinton has drawn 57 % support of the female voters and 72% support of the minority voters.

A ray of hope for Trump supporters

Fund-raisers for Trump have decided to join efforts with the Republican National Committee, in an attempt to raise upto $500 million or $100 million every month from June to October.
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21 Jun 2016Democrats lead in campaign holdings against Republicans