Afghanistan attacks claim more than 20 lives

21 Jun 2016 | Written by Mansi Motwani; Edited by Vaneet Randhawa

On 20th June, 2016, Afghanistan witnessed 3 bombings, which resulted in the death of more than 20 people altogether.

Majority of the victims were Nepalese citizens.

The Taliban asserted responsibilty for 2 out of the 3 attacks.

Afghanistan's Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, in a message posted on twitter, wrote, "this attack is an act of terror & intimidation".

In context: The Afghan blasts

20 Jun 2016Afghanistan becomes the target of 3 bombings

A suicide bomber attacked a minibus in Kabul at 5.40 am. It was carrying security guards of the Canadian embassy in Kabul, killing 14 people.

Less than 3 hours later, another bombing in eastern Kabul, injured a targetted politician and 4 others.

Occuring on the busiest shopping day of the week in a market place, the third bombing killed 8 and wounded 30.

Taliban claims responsibilty

Zabihulla Mujahid, Taliban's main spokesman said, "By organising this attack, we wanted to show Americans and NATO military officials that we can conduct attacks wherever, and whenever, we want".
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ISIS v/s Taliban?

Competing claimsISIS v/s Taliban?

The Islamic State, in its claim released on Twitter and Telegram, named the bomber as Irfanullah Ahmed.

These claims were "rubbished" by Zabihullah Mujahid.

Defying IS in a phone call with the AFP agency, Mujahid said, "They neither have the capability to carry out attacks in Kabul, and nor are they supported by people. Today's attack was carried out by one of our Mujahideen."

21 Jun 2016Afghanistan attacks claim more than 20 lives

2 Indians killed

External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Vikas Swarup in New Delhi confirmed the identities of two Indians - Ganesh Thapa and Govind Singh - amongst the dead in the Kabul bomb blast. They worked as gaurds in the Canadian Embassy.

OpinionsReactions to the attacks

Condemning the attacks, Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion in a statement said, "Many of the victims have been part of our embassy family for years".

"I pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the incident," Nepalese Prime Minister, K.P Sharma Oli tweeted.

Strongly condemning the "horrible tragedy", PM Modi offered "deep condolences" to the Governments and people of Afghanistan and Nepal.

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23 Jul 2016Another blast ripples through Kabul; 50 dead

At least 50 casualties were reported as a suicide bomber hit a big protest group in Kabul.

The protesters- members of Afghanistan's Hazara minority were demonstrating to demand power-lines to pass through electricity-starved Bamiyan province.

The authorities had overnight blocked intersections to block protesters from marching to the Presidential palace which slowed the ambulances.

No group has taken the responsibility for the attack.

01 Aug 2016Truck bomb strikes guest house in Kabul

A massive truck bomb struck a foreign guest house in Kabul, an attack that is believed to have been carried out by the Taliban.

There was no immediate word on the casualties in the attack, however the Taliban claimed that hundreds were killed in the attack.

The attack took place at Northgate, a highly secure compound housing foreign contractors.