Pakistan trained over 4,500 Kashmiri militants: J&K Govt

22 Jun 2016 | By Ramya

The JK government stated that over 4,500 Kashmiri militants were trained in terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Pakistan in the last 26 years.

In its written response in the Legislative Assembly, JK government said that 4,589 Kashmiri youth crossed over to PoK and Pakistan to receive arms training.

The number excludes foreign militants who were trained in Pakistan and sent into JK.

In context: Pakistan- A sponsor of terrorism?

IntroductionPakistan- For or against terrorism?

India, America, Britain and several other nations have long been accusing Pakistan of its involvement in terror activities in India and Afghanistan.

The US Defense Secretary claimed that Pakistan's tribal region bordering Afghanistan was a "haven for terrorists."

The US had even included Pakistan on the 1993 list of nations that supported/sponsored terrorism until Pakistan became its ally in the 'War on Terror.'

World's most active sponsor of terrorist groups

According to an analysis submitted by Saban Center for Middle East Policy in 2008: "Pakistan was, with the possible exception of Iran, perhaps the world's most active sponsor of terrorist groups, aiding groups that pose a direct threat to the United States."
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22 Jun 2016Pakistan trained over 4,500 Kashmiri militants: J&K Govt

We supported and trained militants, admits Musharraf

In 2015, Former Pakistan Army Chief - Pervez Musharraf admitted: "In 1990s the freedom struggle began in Kashmir. At that time, Lashkar -e- Toiba and 11 or 12 other organizations were formed. We supported and trained them as they were fighting in Kashmir at the cost of their lives."
Only 145 militants active in J&K, show official records

Active MilitantsOnly 145 militants active in J&K, show official records

JK Police revealed that 5,504 security personnel, including local policemen, paramilitary and army soldiers, were killed during 1990-2014 in the war against terror in the state.

Official records show that 6,800 militants of different terror outfits were active in 1996 in JK.

The active militants' number reduced drastically to 240 in 2013 and 199 in 2014; currently, there are only 145 militants in JK.

91 local, 54 foreign militants active

The Jammu and Kashmir government, in its written reply in the assembly, stated, "Of the 145 militants operating in the state, 91 are locals and 54 are foreigners." In the course of 20 years (1996-2016), the number of active militants declined 97%.
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Misguided YouthPolicy and procedure are sanctioned for the misguided

JK government observed that about 489 youth returned to the state from PoK/Pakistan via Nepal during 2003-May'16.

It said that procedure and policy are sanctioned for the rehabilitation of the misguided; the state policy approves four routes for the youth to return, and Nepal isn't one of them.

The misguided Kashmiris have changed, given up insurgent activities, and are willing to go back to JK.

Local RecruitmentsSeven J&K police joined militant goups

Syed Javaid Mujtaba Gillani, Inspector General of JK Police, had earlier stated that 150-170 militants (foreign and local) were active.

Gillani said, "The recruitment of local boys had increased last year, and our focus is to contain and prevent them from joining militancy."

He also informed that since 2010, a total of seven JK police personnel joined militant ranks along with their service weapons.