Protests in Chicago, New York, Minnesota after second black killing

08 Jul 2016 | Written by Ramya ; Edited by Vaneet Randhawa

Following the second police shooting of an African-American in only two days, protests broke out in Chicago, New York, and St. Paul (Minnesota) to express outrage.

Though the protests were peaceful, the tension was evident after 32-year-old Philando Castile's death in St. Paul.

Protesters shut Chicago's Dan Ryan Expressway for 10 minutes, blocked traffic in New York's Times Square, and surrounded Minnesota Governor's mansion.

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06 Jul 2016Policeman shoots African American in Minnesota

Citing a broken taillight, St. Anthony policemen, first-officer Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser, pulled 32-year-old Philando Castile's car over on Wednesday night.

Castile, traveling with his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and her four-year-old daughter, was asked to show his license and registration.

Castile replied he was carrying a licensed gun after which he was allegedly shot by Yanez at least four times in the arm.

No ReasonShot for no reason, says Diamond Reynolds

Immediately after Castile was shot, Diamond Reynolds started recording the incident and posted it on Facebook Live.

The video showed Yanez still pointing a gun at Castile, who was bleeding profusely and losing consciousness.

Reynolds said that Castile was shot for no reason at all; she added that the police didn't even check if Castile was alive and the paramedics arrived ten minutes later.

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Second African American killed within a day

Philando Castile was shot by the police only within a day of the 37-year-old Afro-American Alton Sterling's shooting by two white police in Louisiana's Baton Rouge. Sterling was allegedly shot by the officers during an altercation with them.

08 Jul 2016Protests in Chicago, New York, Minnesota after second black killing

Police are well-intentioned

Lorie Fridell, Associate Criminology Professor-University of South Florida said, "Racial profiling was the number one issue facing police, and I came to understand two things. Bias in policing wasn't just a few officers in a few departments; overwhelmingly, the police in this country are well-intentioned."
Racism exists in the US: Minnesota Governor

RacismRacism exists in the US: Minnesota Governor

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton stated that he is forced to confront that this sort of racism exists in the US; he added that Minnesota authorities are investigating into the matter.

Dayton asked the US Department of Justice to probe into the matter, and the Department said it would provide its assistance.

US President Barrack Obama stated these killings are tragedies that trouble every American.

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Americans should be troubled

President Obama, who was in Poland for NATO Summit, stated: "All of us as Americans should be troubled by these shootings because these are not isolated incidents. They're symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system."

2015-16Number of black killings higher

According to Washington Post, Philando Castile was at least the 123rd black person and 506th civilian killed by police in 2016 so far.

The newspaper also reported that 10% of the African-Americans killed were unarmed while 61% had guns.

The Guardian reported that police killed at least 1,134 African Americans in 2015- the highest ever and five times greater than white men killed.

08 Jul 2016Five police officers shot dead in Dallas

Unidentified sniper shot at ten policemen from rooftop in Dallas where heavy police were deployed during a protest organized by African-Americans.

Four officers died on the spot while one died later; the condition of the others was stable.

In the recent years, anger amongst African-Americans has intensified as police officers involved in black killings are either acquitted in trial or not charged at all.

09 Jul 2016Police used robot bomb to kill the Dallas gunman

The black US Army reservist Micah Xavier Johnsonwho shot dead 5 police officers and injured seven others in Dallas was killed by detonating a "bomb robot".

Experts said that the use of a robot to kill somebody has significant "technological and legal implications."

Police revealed that Johnson served in the Army Reserve from 2009 for 6 years and served in Afghanistan from 2013-2014.