UK: Indian-origin student racially abused for defending hijab-clad woman

13 Jun 2018 | By Garima Bora

A 28-year-old Indian-origin student in the UK has been racially attacked by a white man, shouting, "Brexit, go back home," after the Briton made sexist remarks towards a hijab-clad woman.

Rickesh Advani, a political science student at Cambridge University, confronted the man for his comments towards the woman, only to be hit with an outburst of racial abuse, according to Cambridge News.

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In context: Indian-student abused for defending hijab-clad woman in UK

13 Jun 2018UK: Indian-origin student racially abused for defending hijab-clad woman

What happened?Bigoted Briton made sexist remark against woman

Advani stood up to the man in a Cambridge hospital after the man told a female patient to "spread 'em" and "get your t*** out," when she bent over to put her bag down.

But he then said, "no not you, love" to a woman wearing a hijab.

Advani was told to "pipe down" before the man made the comment, "Brexit, go home."

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Absolutely disgusted: Advani

"I was absolutely disgusted by what I had heard and couldn't believe that in 2018 people can be so bigoted. At the very first opportunity I told him to politely stop and hoped that would be the end of it," Advani said.
Nobody present there stood by Advani

Advani disappointedNobody present there stood by Advani

None of the other patients present there stood by Advani when he was confronting the Briton.

"I was very shocked that I was the only one that stood up and said, 'No, this is not right'. Even when I asked someone to call the police, everyone just sat there and I hoped people would stick up for something so wrong," he said.

ComplaintNo arrest has been made so far

After the incident, Advani, who also runs a charity for homeless people, walked out of the surgery and reported the abuse to police.

"Investigations continue. No arrests have been made," a police spokesman was quoted as per the report.

A surgery manager at the Cornford House Surgery, where the unfortunate scene took place wrote an apology letter to Advani.