Turkish army faction attempts a coup; 60 dead

16 Jul 2016 | Written by Vaneet Randhawa; Edited by Gaurav

A faction of the Turkish military backed by tanks shook Turkey in an attempted coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government.

The troops declared curfew and military rule.

The President ordered a shoot down of all the traitors and a major operation was carried out.

Reports suggest that almost 60 people have been killed, 336 arrested in Turkey during the attempted military coup.

In context: The military coup that rattled Turkey

Turkish armyTurkey and its army: Guardians of Kemalism

The Turkish army regards itself as the custodian of Kemalism.

Since 1960, 4 Turkish governments have been overthrown in the name of guarding Turkey's democracy from disorder and Islamic rule.

Turkish President Erdogan who leads the AKP, too, miffed the military by exercising excessive control in his own hands.

Further, he "reformed" Turkish schools along Islamist lines, which created discord within military quarters.

What is Kemalism?

The current Turkish Republic was established in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a former army officer strongly committed to "democratic nationalism and hardline secularism" now referred to as Kemalism.
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16 Jul 2016Turkish army faction attempts a coup; 60 dead

The seriousness of the coup: A planned offensive

16 Jul 2016The seriousness of the coup: A planned offensive

The coup was not a minor tinpot coup by a couple of soldiers but one that was thoroughly planned.

The coup began with helicopters and warplanes circling Ankara and the troops sealing the bridge over Bosphorus.

The soldiers then took control of the TRT state television.

Several strategic points including the airports were in the rebel military's control.

16 Jul 2016The coup crumbles as people support Erdogan

The Turkish crowds took to the streets in an answer to President Tayyip Erdogan's call to "take to the streets" to show their support.

Erdogan returned to Turkey and was seen amidst his supporters at the airport.

He called the coup an "act of treason" and said that those responsible would be punished.

17 Jul 2016Erdogan regains control after coup bid

Turkish President Erdogan, assured his supporters that he has regained control of the government.

Erdogan urged his supporters to remain outside and ensure that a "second flare up" does not occur.

Thousands of military officers and soldiers were detained for plotting to overthrow the government.

The Turkish Army Chief General Umit Dundar who had been taken hostage by the rebels, was released unharmed.

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21 Jul 2016Erdogan suspects international support for coup, 3 month emergency declared

Turkish President Erdogan stated that other countries may be involved in the failed coup attempt in the country.

He said that Fatehullah Gulen's organization was acting at the behest of a "superior mind" and there was a larger conspiracy afoot.

He added that the government would impose a 3-month long state of emergency and has expanded the government's powers to arrest and detain suspects.

24 Jul 2016Turkey to disband presidential guard after coup attempt

Turkey's presidential guard, responsible for ensuring the physical safety of the Turkish President, has been disbanded after several of its members were found to be connected to the attempted coup.

Nearly 300 soldiers of the elite group were detained after the coup attempt.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced the measure stating that the regiment "was no longer required" for Turkey.

25 Jul 2016Cross-party rally announced, to condemn coup attempt

A major rally, to denounce the coup attempt has been planned at Turkey's famous Taksim Square in Istanbul and will be attended by parties from across Turkey's political spectrum.

The rally was called for by the AKP's biggest opposition, the Republican People's Party.

However in a show of patriotic support, the ruling AKP party vowed to join the rally and support the cause.

26 Jul 2016Turkey tightens noose around Gulen supporters

Turkey began cracking down on supporters of the Gulenist movement across the country.

Several academicians who were considered to be supporters of Gulen's ideology have been detained.

In the latest crackdown, Turkey's national carrier, Turkish Airlines fired 211 employees for allegedly being supportive of Gulen's ideologies and terminated their contracts.

The airline said they terminated their contracts for anti-national behaviour.