Saudi Arabia: Probe ordered after anchor wears 'indecent-clothing'


28 Jun 2018

Saudi Arabia investigates female anchor for 'indecent clothing' on job

In what is another show of ultra-conservative atmosphere in Saudi Arabia, a woman anchor is facing investigation for being 'indecently dressed' while reporting about decades-long driving ban on females.

The anchor, Shireen al-Rifaie, was being filmed when her abaya (a loosely fitted robe) flew due to strong winds and revealed the clothes she wore underneath.

Here is more on the controversy.

The controversy

Ultra-conservatives trend 'Naked woman driving in Riyadh' on social media

Ultra-conservatives trend 'Naked woman driving in Riyadh' on social media

Rifaie is a news presenter working with Dubai-based Al Aan TV. The clip of her show was widely circulated on social media.

Unsurprisingly, the hashtag 'Naked woman driving in Riyadh', started by ultra-conservatives, gained a lot of attention.

Further, the media regulator of the country, in a statement, reprimanded the anchor as she violated rules. An investigation has been launched in the matter.

The reactions

Reportedly, anchor left Saudi Arabia after controversy

The outrage prompted Rifaie to reportedly leave the Kingdom, But not before she told Saudi news site Ajel her side of the story.

"I was wearing decent clothes, and God will reveal the truth of what has been said to me," she reportedly said.

Meanwhile, some other users of social media poked fun at those who called a fully dressed woman 'naked'.

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Looking back

Not the first time, women's dresses sparked outrage in Kingdom

Not the first time, women's dresses sparked outrage in Kingdom

The Kingdom's obsession with women dressing knows no limits.

This month, one entertainment head was sacked after a circus having women wearing skin-tight leotards drew criticism.

In April, a gym was shut down after its promotional video featured women wearing body-hugging clothes. The same month, sports authority apologized for WWE promotional video featuring scantily dressed female wrestlers.

The change

Thankfully, women can now drive in Saudi Arabia

Notably, on Sunday, as the ban was revoked, women of Saudi Arabia took to the wheels for the first time.

After the change was announced in September, the Kingdom started issuing licenses to women.

While the decision brought a ray of hope, the Kingdom still remains tough on women- they aren't allowed to marry, travel or divorce in the absence of a male relative.

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