Syrian suicide bomber kills himself, injures 12 in Germany

25 Jul 2016 | By Sneha Johny

The German town of Ansbach suffered a major blow as a 27-year old Syrian asylum seeker strapped on with explosives, blew himself up and injured 12 others in the surrounding area.

The attack happened in the small town close to Nuremberg, that houses a US Army base and is home to nearly 40,000 people.

Officials said three of the 12 injured were wounded seriously.

In context: Syrian suicide bomber injures 12 in Germany

Merkel faces backlash over immigration policyAngela Merkel's open-door refugee policy

Germany saw an influx of over 2 million refugees and migrants into its borders after its Chancellor, Angela Merkel, enabled an open-door immigration policy for those nationals in war-torn and fragile countries.

This figure is touted to be the highest after the Second World War.

Merkel has since faced severe criticisms over her policy, as it has induced a spate of crimes and attacks.

25 Jul 2016Syrian suicide bomber kills himself, injures 12 in Germany

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The Ansbach attack

25 Jul 2016The Ansbach attack

Ministry officials said the attack happened at a music festival in the state, where the attacker had been denied entry before the explosion took place.

The Syrian had entered Germany two years ago, and his request to seek asylum in the country was rejected a year ago.

Officials said that he had attempted suicide twice before and had received psychiatric care earlier.

Officials uncertain over attacker's motive

"We still don't know whether the offender only wanted to commit suicide or whether it was his intention to kill other people as well," Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian interior minister said at a press conference, highlighting the need for measures to prevent crimes by asylum seekers.

25 Jul 2016Ansbach attack tied to ISIL?

Germany has witnessed a surge in violent attacks, after welcoming immigrants from war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria.

Recently, a Pakistani refugee in Germany critically injured five people with an axe, while France witnessed a gruesome attack that claimed the lives of 84 people.

Terror outfit ISIL claimed responsibility for the attacks, although officials are unsure of its links to the Ansbach bombing.

Ansbach incident: Germany's fourth violent crime in a week

The Ansbach attack is the third attack in the German state of Bavaria and the fourth in the country in a week. On Friday, an Iranian gunman killed nine in Munich, while Sunday witnessed a Syrian refugee killing a pregnant woman and injuring two others.