Shooting at nightclub in Fort Myers

25 Jul 2016 | By Supriya Kaur
The Florida nightclub shooting

Club Blu in Fort Myers was hosting a party for teenagers aged between 12-17.

Club officials had ensured full security as well as presence of armed security inside and outside the club.

The shooting took place around 12.30 am when the club was closing and the teens were being picked up by their parents after the event ended.

In context: The Florida nightclub shooting

DetailsRecent nightclub shootings

On June 13, 2016, American-born Omar Mateen walked into a gay night club in Orlando, Florida and massacred 50 people. This was the deadliest mass shooting in America.

On July 24, 2016 another mass shooting in a bar in Hamilton, Ohio resulted in the killing of one and injuring seven. The shooter is known to have fired nearly 15 rounds in the bar.

25 Jul 2016Shooting at nightclub in Fort Myers

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Drive-by shooting

EventsDrive-by shooting

Incident occurred on Evans Avenue. There were approximately 600 - 700 number of people inside Club Blu.

As the teenagers exited the club, witnesses claimed to see a black SUV drive-by and start randomly shooting.

Kids dodged bullets while running and dropping between cars. Nearly 30 shell casings were found in and around club's parking lot.

Shooter also shot at a couple of houses.

Children and young adultsVictims

Since the shooting took place at an event meant for teenagers, several of the wounded were aged between 12-17.

17 injured were admitted to the Lee Memorial Hospital around 1.30 am. Fourteen of the wounded were released by early morning.

Three victims were admitted to the ICU in a critical condition.

So far, there have been two fatalities. Details of the deceased are unknown.

Multiple crime scenesWhat happened after

The Fort Myers police department closed down all the roads in the vicinity of the club.

Cops suggested there could be multiple crime scenes: another instance of shooting at a residential building and one involving a vehicle.

Along with Fort Myers P.D., The Lee County Sheriff's office was canvassing the area for suspects and so far three people have been detained for further questioning.

Shooters' profiles

Orlando's shooter was suspected to be a closeted homosexual; the attack was eventually categorised as a terrorist attack with ISIS claiming credit. Club Blu's shooter drove by in an SUV and fired randomly; details of shooter or motive for this shooting are not yet known.