Must-visit countries in the Middle East


20 Aug 2018

Five best countries to visit in the Middle East

To many people, international travel simply means packing bags and heading to Europe.

Sure, it's pretty, but then the world is so big, you can't reduce your travel plans to just France and Italy.

So, if unorthodox destinations excite you the least bit- the sassy, happening, and beautiful Middle East awaits you.

Here are top 5 countries to visit in the Middle East.


Heaven on earth for shopaholics!

Heaven on earth for shopaholics!

Take a mesmerizing tour of the awe-inspiring, beautiful Qatar. From the bustling city-life and amazing skyscrapers, to the dry deserts, Qatar has it all.

When in the capital city of Doha, walk along the picturesque Sauq Waqif market, visit the Museum of Islamic Art, and shop in the Villaggio Mall.

Also remember to take a day out for desert safari in the Doha desert.


Let yourself loose in the historically and culturally rich Turkey

Boasting of centuries-old monuments, vibrant culture, and lip-smacking cuisine, Turkey- straddling between Asia and Europe, is a top travel destination in the Middle East.

In Turkey, visit the glorious Aya Sofya Museum, see ruins of Ephesus, witness the beautiful Cappodocia, and visit the spellbinding town of Pamukkale.

Also, walk along Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, dating back to 1455 AD.

What's more? The delectable Turkish ice-cream!

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Presenting the ancient-yet-modern Israel!

Presenting the ancient-yet-modern Israel!

Featuring abundance of historical and religious attractions, many museums, and amazing beaches, Israel is one of the most visited Middle Eastern countries ever.

Go there and float in the Dead Sea, take a guided tour in the ancient, capital city of Jerusalem, see the trademark Dome of Rock, the Israel Museum, and Yad Vashem memorial.

Plus, enjoy the bustling nightlife of Tel Aviv.


So much natural beauty, you won't believe it's for real

If you think Middle East is all about sky-kissing buildings and miles-long malls, Cyprus is here to break your myth.

With beautiful beaches, amazing views of sunset and sunrise, mesmerizing landscapes, the tiny, island country of Cyprus will leave you spellbound!

When there, do not miss out on the Tombs of the Kings, the Blue Lagoon, Saint Lazarus Church, and ancient ruins of Kourion.


One of the favorites among Western tourists

One of the favorites among Western tourists

Considered one of the safest and friendliest travel destinations in the whole of Middle East, Jordan has plenty to offer its visitors.

First things first, witness the architectural might and archaeological delight of Petra, the thousands-years-old city.

Head to the Dead Sea and float like a mermaid, and see the desert valley of Wadi Rum.

Also, enjoy the happening, metropolis of Amman.

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