Burning Man Festival 2016

30 Aug 2016 | By Akriti Asthana
30 years of the Burning Man Festival

The dates for the Burning Man Festival 2016 are 28th August to 5th September, and this year's theme is 'Da Vinci's Workshop'.

More than 70,000 "burners" are expected this year.

Tickets for this year started at $390 and events including Professional Worrying Service, Truth or Dare Jenga, Bottoms-Up Yoga, Human Carcass Wash, Naked Sensual Body Painting, Orgy Dome among others are in the line-up.

In context: 30 years of the Burning Man Festival

InformationThe Origin of the Burning Man Festival

Burning Man is an annual festival that takes place at Black Rock City which is a temporary wooden city erected in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

It first began as a bonfire in 1986 on Baker Beach in San Francisco by Larry Harvey and his friends.

It spans from the last Sunday in August to the first Monday in September i.e. US Labor Day.

AboutUnderstanding the Burning Man Festival

At Burning Man, various forms of artistic self-expression are explored and participation is a key precept.

It is influenced by 10 main principles, including radical inclusion, self-reliance, self-expression, community cooperation, civic responsibility, gifting, de-commodification, participation, immediacy and leaving no trace.

It takes its name from the symbolic ritual burning of a large wooden effigy that occurs on the Saturday evening of the festival.

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Burning Man is organized by the Burning Man Project, a non-profit organization that, in 2014, succeeded a for-profit limited liability company, Black Rock City, LLC. The festival supports 250,000 people over the week and in place of currency, festival-goers exchange goods.

30 Aug 2016Burning Man Festival 2016

Celebrities in attendance over the past years

In the past, Burning Man has been attended by tech moguls including CEOs Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg. EDM artists like Skrillex and Diplo have performed, and celebrities such as Katy Perry and Will Smith have also been spotted.