Designer shoes or poverty sneakers?


20 Sep 2018

These 'designer' ripped-off shabby sneakers cost Rs. 38,000. Say what?

Marketing in the shoe industry can be tough and while brands come up with new designs from time-to-time, some take it a bit too far.

Case in point: A pair of shabby sneakers.

They are designed like they're being held together by a tape. Obviously, netizens aren't happy and they have called them "mocking poverty".

Luxury brand Golden Goose has released its "Superstar Taped Sneakers" for $530 (Rs. 38,000). Seriously?


Oh, and there is a whole line of such sneakers

Oh, and there is a whole line of such sneakers

On the website, the sneakers are described as "Crumply, hold-it-all-together tape details a distressed leather sneaker in a retro low profile with a signature sidewall star and a grungy rubber cupsole."

Well, the design is definitely more than "low profile".

And it's not just one pair.

Apparently, there is a whole line of the "distressed" sneakers in different light colors in shabby ripped-off conditions.


Unsurprisingly, the designs were not well received by netizens

Golden Goose is now facing massive backlash for their so-called "innovative" design. That's obvious!

Netizens have swamped the social media with hateful comments towards the design.

"This is poverty appropriation," writes one.

Another says, "I just checked and apparently there's a whole line. Like ok cool let's mock poverty."

In addition to the ludicrous design, customers are also baffled by the sneakers' exorbitant price.

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What were they thinking?

But, Selena Gomez wore a similar pair

While netizens are losing their minds over the shabby sneaker designs, a similar pair of sneakers were worn by singer-actor Selena Gomez, a few years back. And the brains behind those designs was, of course, Golden Goose's.

'Fake muddy jeans'

If there can be 'crumply' sneakers, why not 'muddy' jeans

If there can be 'crumply' sneakers, why not 'muddy' jeans

However, such bizarre items are nothing out of the blue.

Earlier, clothing brand Nordstrom released a pair of "fake muddy jeans". Yes, they're exactly what they sound!

Jeans with "fake" mud patches around its corners, knees- practically everywhere.

What you could simply do by tripping over a puddle in rain-lashed Mumbai, Nordstrom was selling for a whopping $425 (Rs. 29,000).

Such designs, much wow!

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