Colombia: Museum dedicated to Pablo Escobar shut down


22 Sep 2018

#NoMoreDrugLore: Museum dedicated to Pablo Escobar shut down in Colombia

A museum in Medellin, Colombia, which showcased the life and times of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar was shut down by the police on Thursday, as the managers didn't have a valid license to run it.

It was originally a house which Escobar owned, and was later turned into a museum.

At the time of the raid on Wednesday, seven visitors were inside.

Narco tours

Run by Escobar's brother, museum was highlight of 'narco tours'

Run by Escobar's brother, museum was highlight of 'narco tours'

The museum was managed by Escobar's brother Roberto, and was one of the highlights of 'narco tours'.

In these controversial tours, visitors were taken to places which were connected to Escobar, including his tomb, the prison he built for himself, and his house which his rivals bombed.

The trips were legal, the museum wasn't. Hence, white signs informing about its closure were pasted.


Mayor, who criticized 'Narcos', is happy with museum shut down

Notably, Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez is a staunch critic of such tours and believes they promoted 'mafia culture'.

He said we should tell stories of drug trafficking victims "instead of portraying people who did so much damage as legends."

Earlier, he expressed discontent on TV series Narcos whose protagonists were infamous drug lords of the country.

He called for changing the country's civic culture.

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Here the heroes are victims, says Gutierrez

"Here, the heroes are the victims. Everyone knows who Pablo Escobar was, but how much does the world know about Valdemar Franklin Quintero, commander of the police riddled with bullets by these murderers? He is a hero," Gutierrez said.

The man

Pablo Escobar was far from being a hero

Pablo Escobar was far from being a hero

While being amused by the power he exercised isn't uncommon, it shouldn't be forgotten Escobar was a murderer.

Reportedly, he was responsible for the deaths of 4,000 people including judges, policemen, journalists and even Presidential candidates.

His Medellin Cartel was responsible for 80% cocaine sent to the US in 1980s. It's estimated he smuggled 15 tonnes of cocaine every day.

Definitely, not a hero!

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