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11 Sep 2016

Project to dissuade potential ISIS recruits

Google-owned incubator Jigsaw has come up with an idea, called The Redirect Method, to dissuade potential ISIS recruits.

They plan to place advertisements alongside results for phrases and keywords, which according to Jigsaw, potential ISIS recruits frequently search for.

The ads link to Arabic-English Youtube channels which have a collection of videos which might dissuade people - imams denouncing ISIS, confessions from extremists etc.

$4 million donation

Librarian donates $4 million to US university

Librarian donates $4 million to US university

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) announced that it had received of $4 million from a librarian who worked there for over 50 years.

Robert Morin, who had worked as a cataloguer at the UNH library, died in 2015, aged 77.

Morin's friends said that they were unaware of his multi-million dollar fortune.

Morin's financial adviser, however, said Morin was a shrewd investor.

The Clintons

The Clintons are returning in kind what they took

After former US President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton, were criticized for taking $190,000 worth of chinaware, furniture, and furnishings from the White House when they left, they announced that they were willing to pay $86,000 worth of gifts in return.

In a recent development, they shipped back $28,000 worth of household items to the White House, bringing the total to $114,000.

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Weird bank robbery

Man robs bank to be in jail with his wife

Man robs bank to be in jail with his wife

Lawrence Ripple robbed the Bank of Labour in Kansas City, Kansas on 2nd September 2016.

He passed a note to cashier stating that he had a gun and wanted money.

The cashier handed him $3,000, after which Ripple sat down in the bank and waited for the police to arrive.

He stated that he committed the crime to be in jail with his wife.

Coca Cola and 9/11

Coca Cola apologizes over its 9/11 tribute

In a Walmart in Florida, a 9/11 tribute created a representation of the Twin Towers using stacks of Coca Cola can boxes.

They were severely criticized on Twitter for using a tragedy to market their goods.

Following the criticism, Walmart took down the display.

Coca Cola also put out a statement, saying, "We sincerely apologize that anyone was offended or misunderstood its intent."

Creepy clown sighting

Man arrested in US for reporting false creepy clown sighting

Man arrested in US for reporting false creepy clown sighting

Creepy clown sightings, a part of US pop culture stemming from Stephen King's "It", has seen a sudden surge in the US states of North and South Carolina, prompting more police patrols and vigilance.

Most cases turned out to be false.

In a recent development, police arrested David Wayne Armstrong in North Carolina, after he admitted to filing a false sighting report.

River of blood?

River in Russia turns blood red

The Daldykan river near the Siberian city of Norilsk turned blood red according to images posted on social media.

The locals have blamed the transformation on a leakage from the Norilsk Nickel plant.

However, the plant has denied any changes in the colour of the river and refuted claims of leakage, but said that it would monitor the situation.

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