Corporates and brands worldwide: Accommodating religious beliefs


13 Sep 2016

Domino's vegetarian makeover for Navratri

With the auspicious nine-day Navratri festival round the corner, half of Domino Pizza's outlets will turn vegetarian to appeal to customers who avoid non-vegetarian food during this festive season.

Domino's Navratri menu will see pizza bases made from water chestnut flour, sauces with only rock salt and the use of garlic and onion avoided.

Nearly 500 Domino stores will implement the Navratri menu.


India Inc increasing flexible in accepting cultural customs

India Inc increasing flexible in accepting cultural customs

Employees in the IT industry dressed in black, barefoot for weeks are a common sight today. They are Lord Ayappa's devotees preparing for a pilgrimage to Sabrimala.

The Aditya Birla Group's office, only recently started allowing non-vegetarian food on the premises by providing separate micro-waves for food to be reheated.

Companies now accommodate employees by being flexible on joining dates if they're inauspicious.

Diversity is welcome

India Inc melting pot of religious beliefs

Given the diversity in employees Indian companies attract, most of them are now a melting pot of cultures and religions.

Tata-Starbucks allows staff to perform religious ceremonies while opening their stores.

Multinationals like Vodafone celebrate a variety of local festivals on the office premises.

Companies provide prayer rooms and figurines of Ganpati, Hanuman, Shiva on work desks are not frowned upon.

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KFC and McDonalds in tune with sensitive religious beliefs

KFC and McDonalds in tune with sensitive religious beliefs

McDonalds opened an only-vegetarian outlet in Amritsar since it was located in the vicinity of the Golden Temple that is a site of pilgrimage for millions.

McDonalds excluded beef items on its Indian menu and it even ensures that mayonnaise is also completely vegetarian.

KFC opened an outlet in Gujarat that had a "Jain Menu" to appeal to the majority which is vegetarian.

What's on offer?

Outreach by global brands to include followers of Islam

For holy month of Ramadan, McDonalds designed a customized menu for Egypt, Malaysia and other middle-eastern countries that allowed patrons to break their fast and celebrate 'Iftar' a celebratory feast at the end of the day.

In 2014, Cadbury labelled its Easter products as 'Halal'.

Multiple food-brands follow this to allow Muslims to consume a variety of products but in accordance with Islamic regulations.

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