New MH17 crash video shocks Australia

18 Jul 2015 | Written by Siripriya; Edited by Gaurav

After new footage emerged of the MH17 in which some Russian rebels are seen rummaging the luggages of the victims, Austalia said it was 'sickened' by it.

Sydney's Daily telegraph obtained and published it on first anniversary of the blown up Malaysian flight.

The newspaper claimed that the footage was made by rebels themselves as they thought the aircraft to be Ukraine's airforce fighter.

In context: MH17's tragic fate!

Introduction Malaysian Airline 17 crashes after being shot down

On 17 July 2014, a Malaysian Airline-17 plane crashed after being shot down in Ukraine, killing the 298 people on board. It was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

The incident took place during the Crimean crisis in Eastern Ukraine.

Before MH17, three planes had been shot down and Ukraine's government had warned the European governments about the dangers of flying over the area.

Who is to blame for the crash?

Ukrainian authorities and the West claim that the plane was shot down by separatists using a surface-to-air missile supplied by Russia. Moscow has denied the charges, pointing fingers back at Ukraine.
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Mother of MH17 crash victim sues Ukraine

30 Nov 2014Mother of MH17 crash victim sues Ukraine

The mother of a Malaysian Airlines MH17 victim had demanded about $1 million from Ukraine for the pain and suffering by suing them in the European Court of Human Rights.

The lady said it was Ukraine's duty to shut the country's civilian airspace service when some problems were going on; but they did not do so in order to not lose on overflight fees.

6 Dec 2014Victims’ families urge UN to take over probe

The families of MH17's victims weren't satisfied with the Dutch investigations in the crash and they had urged UN to take over the investigations.

Van der Goen Attorneys law firm had sent a letter to the Dutch Prime Minister saying that they should hand over the investigations to UN as they felt that an international investigation was the only way to identify real criminals.

22 Apr 2015Human remains found at the crash site

Dutch investigators had recovered "many" more body parts and pieces of wreckage during their search at the MH17 plane crash site in Ukraine.

The investigators also found 50 cubic metres of plane wreckage along with passenger's personal belongings including jewellery, passports and photographs.

The new search had started in Petropavlivka, about 10 kilometres west of Grabove where most of the debris had fallen.

26 Jun 2015MH17 crash: Countries demand UN Tribunal

Australia, Malaysia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Belgium had demanded a UN tribunal in the shooting down of a Malaysia Airline plane in 2014 to prosecute those who were responsible.

The legal experts from these countries met with the UN Security Council's legal advisors.

They presented a draft statute to establish a tribunal and a draft UN resolution that would authorise it.

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18 Jul 2015New MH17 crash video shocks Australia

29 Jul 2015Russia vetoes proposal to set up tribunal

The Security Council resolution to create a tribunal to indict and incarcerate those found responsible for the downing of MH17 was vetoed by Russia in the UN.

The Russians said that the step was a "biased and politically motivated propaganda" against the Kremlin or the Kremlin-backed Ukrainian separatists in charge of eastern Ukraine.

Mr. Putin called the demand "untimely and counterproductive initiative."

13 Oct 2015DSB simulation and report on MH17 crash released

The Dutch Safety Board [DSB] released an animated simulation of what they think occurred to MH17.

It is aimed to provide a scientific account into how the plane collapsed near Grabovo in Eastern Ukraine.

The shrapnel found in the bodies of the crew and in the debris pointed towards a Buk missile attack.

The relatives of the MH17 passengers were shown the report first.

02 Oct 2016Aus: MH17 perpetrators to be identified by year's end

Australia's Foreign Minister has stated that the names of those who shot down the Malaysian Airlines MH17 passenger jet would be identified by year's end.

She stated that based on the international investigation conducted so far, the weapon and its location of firing have been identified.

She said authorities would prepare a list of individuals to hold accountable for the accident.