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13 Oct 2018

Imagine nuts being kicked: Twitter-user explains women's sexual-harassment to men

The #MeToo movement has taken the world by a storm off late, with courageous women shaming their harassers on social media.

However, some people still haven't stopped asking ludicrous questions to these women.

While it's perhaps hard for them to understand what it's like to be sexually harassed, a man brilliantly explained women's rage to fellow men on Twitter.

In context

Twitter user's analogy explains an average woman's rage
Thread starts in a way which will grab men's attention


Thread starts in a way which will grab men's attention

In an attempt to make it easier for men to understand what it's like being a woman, Julius Ghost a.k.a AR Moxon, posted a thread.

His thread starts with, "Men, imagine being kicked in the nuts, really hard, on purpose."

What went on was a sad tale of a parallel world where it's common for women to leech at men's nuts.

A must read for all men and women

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Imagine women were always looking at your nuts

Empathize, can you?

Abominable act

Moxon's tale is just another grim reality, with genders reversed

Moxon's tweets show how sexual harassment towards women is normalized in our society, in a brilliant manner.

It also paints a picture for men, where they would have to live in constant fear in an imaginary world he described.

But that is not the world we want. Harassment towards any gender is abominable. Moxon's tweets make for a great explanation, not a good world.

Moxon wants everyone to be kind to women. Take note


Moxon wants everyone to be kind to women. Take note

Moxon ended his thread with, "I can't imagine women's rage today, but this exercise, while abstract, helped me get nearer to it than I'd been. Be kind to women, guys."

With this, Moxon proved that it's high time men stopped belittling the issue of sexual harassment towards women.

And men, if you haven't learned anything from Moxon's exercise, then, unfortunately, you may never.

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