US wants people on basis of merit: Trump


14 Oct 2018

Trump wants people to come to US on merit basis

US President Donald Trump has said that he wants people with merit, who can help, to enter the US and not sneak inside the border illegally.

"I'm very tough at the borders... People have to come into our country legally, not illegally."

"Legally. And I want them to come in on merit," Trump told reporters at the White House yesterday.

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Good for Indians

Trump's move will help technology professionals from India

Trump's move will help technology professionals from India

Responding to a series of question on illegal immigration, Trump reiterated that he wants people based on merit, a move that can help technology professionals from countries such as India.

"What I want is merit... We've great car companies entering our country again. This hasn't happened for 35 years. We've companies like Foxconn going to Wisconsin with a massive, massive plant," he said.

We want people that are going to help us: Trump

"We want people that are going to help us. It's very important," Trump said. Observing that immigration is not tricky to him, the US President insisted that the administration and the Congress have to do the right thing whether there's an election or not.

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Chain migration

Trump opposed chain migration policy

Opposing the chain migration policy, Trump said, "If that's a bad policy, then...a lot of bad things are going to happen."

"A lot of people agree with me. They don't want criminals coming into our country. They don't want people that they don't want in the country that aren't going to help us as a country... We have a very strong policy," he said.

Zero interest

US's border security, ICE, law enforcement is doing well: Trump

"One thing that really has changed over the last couple of years since I've been President - our country is doing so well - even with real interest, not with false interest rates. Zero interest," Trump said.

"Anybody can do well with zero interest. We're the hottest country...economically, by far. Our border security,... ICE, our law enforcement is doing an incredible job," he said.

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