China: 15-page resume of 5-year-old goes viral


03 Nov 2018

China: Everyone's talking about 15-page-resume of 5-year-old for different reasons

A 15-page resume of a kid, who is all of five years, in China has raised concerns about the academic pressure in the Asian country.

The document is presumably for admission in a competitive school. In a bid to highlight his 'unique' personality, the kid mentioned his 'rich' hobbies and 'colorful' experiences, which include reading and traveling.

Here's more about him and his resume.

The resume

His resume includes achievements of this parents too

His resume includes achievements of this parents too

The resume, which is enough to put graduates of renowned universities to shame, includes details of his parents' qualification.

They are both employees of Fortune 500 companies.

The resume begins with his name and a quote, 'Thinking leads to success, following leads to failure'. Reportedly, this is the kid's mother's mantra which she thinks should be his habit too.

The qualities

He doesn't cry while getting his shot

Under the sub-heading 'Can withstand defeat', the resume reads, "If I get told off, I can quickly adjust my mood and actively dedicate myself to my studies."

In his resume, he tells he is strong-willed, as he gets up quickly after falling down. He doesn't cry while getting shots to show he is strong, the document tells.

He also speaks about 'taking criticism positively'.

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The kid has, apparently, read 10,000 books

The kid has, apparently, read 10,000 books

As it turns out, the kid is well read too. In his resume, he wrote he has read 10,000 books in English and Chinese. How he managed to do this is a question for science writers to answer.

The kid also submitted a map of all the places he has visited.

He said he enjoyed his 6.5km bus ride to school.


People are obviously stunned

On Weibo, the Chinese counterpart of Twitter, entertainment blogger Kai Ba posted the kid's resume and it prompted thousands of reactions.

One comment read, "It seems that I can't achieve more than this child in my lifetime."

Another user worried about his upbringing and thought parents were forcing their dreams on the little one. "Don't use the child's happiness as a pretext," it read.

Social media is abuzz with reactions

"Children get the same happiness out of playing with mud as they do with building blocks, and the same goes for setting fires in a rubbish dump and traveling abroad. It's up to the parents to guide their child to do meaningful things," another comment read.

Tiger parents

Tiger parents want their kids to achieve a lot

Tiger parents want their kids to achieve a lot

The culture of kids' resumes has found great attention in China. Their parents, known as Tiger parents, want their children to achieve as much as possible at a young age.

Schools in Shanghai are sought by parents, who can afford them. In some of these institutes, parents have to give entrance exams and sit for interviews.

However, authorities banned parents' test in February.

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