Penn State University students form clown-hunting mob

07 Oct 2016 | By Shiladitya
"Creepy clown" sightings and its effects

In the most recent development in the creepy clown sightings in the US, footage has emerged of a mob of Pennsylvania State University students who have embarked on a hunt for three clowns spotted in the area.

With civilians forming such vigilante groups, is the creepy clown prank finally backfiring?

In context: "Creepy clown" sightings and its effects

The beginningThe beginning of the "creepy clown" sighting epidemic

The entire "creepy clown" sighting epidemic sweeping across the U.S. started in August when a little boy, living in a low-income apartment complex in Greenville, South Carolina, spotted two clowns in the woods nearby.

Reports of such sightings soon spread, first to the other side of Greenville, then to lower South Carolina, and eventually to North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York.

The twitter handle for creepy clown sightings

Claiming to be the page for "official clown sightings", @SpookyClownsTwitter has amassed over 160,000 followers. The page has started sharing footage and photos of clown sightings across the US which it claims are not "fake c**p".
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The UK"Creepy clown" sightings in the UK

Evidently, creepy clowns have made their way across the Atlantic Ocean as reports of sightings have started emerging in the UK.

There have been several sightings in the UK, as well as several arrests made.

Reports have been coming in from several parts of the UK, from North Wales to Durham County to Essex to Sheffield to Newcastle to Manchester.

AustraliaCreepy clowns refuse to spare Australia

The paranoia about creepy clowns has also spread to Australia.

Social media groups have sprung up in Australia in anticipation of creepy clown sightings.

Police in several parts of Australia have also warned people about such sightings, stating that "any intimidating and threatening as well as anti-social behaviours will not be tolerated and will be investigated by Police".

07 Oct 2016Creepy clown prank backfires

The sinister creepy clown sightings are widely acknowledged by authorities to be pranks.

In another recent development, a video emerged on the internet about a creepy clown in the US being bashed by a man with a baseball bat and beaten by his companions.

The clown apparently tried to scare the man and his friends, but the plan evidently backfired.

Utah Police responding to queries about shooting clowns

Responding to a plea to shoot anyone dressed up as a clown, the Utah Police issued a statement saying, "That's not a simple yes or no question. It has a lot of variables to it." However, any clowns "politely terrorizing" the public would face arrest.
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07 Oct 2016Penn State University students form clown-hunting mob