Car bomb kills 20 near Syria - Turkey border

14 Oct 2016 | By Supriya Kaur
Syria-Turkey borders under relentless attack

The Syria-Turkey border which has been under attack, witnessed another car bombing today.

At a checkpoint manned by FSA rebels, the blast killed nearly 20, most of whom were believed to be Syrian rebel fighters.

Local news reports said that the blast was carried out by Islamic-State terrorists.

The blast occurred a few kilometers from the Bab-al-Salam crossing on Syria-Turkey border.

In context: Syria-Turkey borders under relentless attack

Operation Euphrates Shield

Since the Syrian civil war began in 2011, 'Operation Euphrates Shield' initiated on August 24 marked the first time Turkish forces crossed the Syrian border with tanks, soldiers and artillery backed by US-coalition's airstrikes and rebel ground forces to take on the Islamic State's forces.

WhoFree Syrian Army rebels

The Turkish-backed group of Free Syrian Army's (FSA) rebels have been fighting alongside other Turkish factions in "Operation Euphrates Shield" to eliminate the remaining presence of Islamic State militants from Syrian's northern enclave.

The border crossing of Syria - Turkey near the city of Azaz is a stronghold of Turkish-backed FSA Syrian rebel fighters.

This border-crossing has been frequently targeted by Islamic State militants.

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Recent blasts targeting FSA

DetailsRecent blasts targeting FSA

Little over a week ago, 25 people were killed in a suicide blast on Syria's Atmeh border crossing with Turkey.

Twenty others were also injured, most of those who died or were injured were mostly Syrian-rebels.

The blast occurred when rebels were switching their shifts at a position on Atmeh border crossing,

Islamic State's media wing AMAQ claimed credit for this attack via Twitter.

14 Oct 2016Car bomb kills 20 near Syria - Turkey border

DetailsWhat unfolded post-attack?

A video recording of the border crossing moments after the blast showed chaos near a charred SUV.

Out of 25 injured, 8 were critically wounded and were being transferred to nearby hospitals

The blast was so powerful that bodies were torn and mangled with metal parts from smashed/charred cars

Several FSA factions cordoned off border areas after rumours of more blasts.

Likely suspectsWho was behind the car blast?

Though no organization has yet claimed the attack, Islamic-State is suspected to be behind the blasts.

Turkey has been witnessing increased attacks from the Islamic State since it initiated 'Operation Euphrates Shield' two months ago to clear out the Salafist terror group from its border regions.

Just a week ago, another suicide blast on the Syrian-Turkish border had killed 29 Syrian rebels.

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Syria's unending war

The Islamic State is engaged in fighting the Syrian government, foreign-backed rebels as well as other U.S. backed fighters. Since anti-government protests began in Syria in 2011, over 300,000 people have already been killed in this conflict.