27 Nov 2018

Man hangs for life as pilot 'forgets' to strap him

Today, adventurous sports are the new cool. It's in every young adults' bucket-list and the bar was raised after Bollywood released Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

However, sometimes they come with an unexpected twist.

Case in point: On a man's first hand-gliding attempt, his pilot forgot to strap him before take-off.

What followed was the man's terrifying struggle to hold on before they landed.


Gursky's disclaimer: Video maybe disturbing for some, including wife

Gursky's disclaimer: Video maybe disturbing for some, including wife

Yesterday, YouTuber Chris Gursky from Florida, US, posted the heart-stopping video of his flight. He named it 'Swiss Mishap'.

The incident took place while he was on a holiday in Switzerland.

He wrote a disclaimer in the beginning that the video can be disturbing for some, including his wife.

He then pointed out how his pilot was attached to the harness, while he wasn't.


Pilot decides to land fast as soon he becomes aware

As soon as they took off, Gursky understood that he wasn't attached to the harness and kept clinging on to the pilot.

He informed the pilot, who then decided to land fast.

Meanwhile, Gursky kept dangling on to the glider holding the pilot and a metal in different positions.

This, however, made it difficult for the pilot to control the glider.

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Gursky starts losing grip, clings desperately on pilot's leg

Gursky starts losing grip, clings desperately on pilot's leg

The nail-biting video also showed that at one point Gursky started losing his grip and then the pilot's leg was all he could cling on to.

Meanwhile, the pilot kept trying to find a place to land quickly.

Eventually, Gursky got close enough to the ground to let go.

"The landing was a rough one, but I lived to tell the story," wrote Gursky.

Gursky underwent surgery but said it beats the alternative

At the end of the video, Gursky mentioned that his right wrist suffered a fragmental distal radius fracture, which required surgery. However, he didn't seem sad as he said the crash landing beats the alternative.

Once again

He will again go for hand gliding

This was Gursky's first day of his vacation in Switzerland.

However, the near-death experience didn't lower Gursky's spirits. He mentioned he would go for hand-gliding again as he didn't enjoy the first attempt. Well, that was clear from the video.

Gursky's zeal is quite commendable. Maybe he got inspired by watching Hrithik Roshan's Mountain Dew ad.

After all, 'Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai.'

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