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07 Dec 2018

Eat only six French fries, suggests Harvard professor. Say what!

Harvard professor calls potatoes 'starch bombs'

A burger and French fries is one of our most-beloved guilty pleasure food combos, but a Harvard professor has said that the number of fries should be restricted to only six potato sticks.

To make matters worse, he suggested that the already-measly portion of fries should be accompanied by something nutritious, like a salad, to keep your meal healthy.

He is naturally getting trolled.

In context

Harvard professor calls potatoes 'starch bombs'
The professor also called potato a 'starch bomb'


The professor also called potato a 'starch bomb'

Eric Rimm, a professor at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, in a recent New York Times article, said, "There aren't a lot of people who are sending back three-quarters of an order of French fries."

Terming potato a "starch bomb," he added, "I think it would be nice if your meal came with a side salad and six French fries."


Padma Lakshmi reacts to study, professor personally replies

Rimm's suggestions, of course, did not receive a rousing reception.

Rather, social media was furious after reading about what the newspaper has published quoting the Harvard professor.

Someone as famous as Padma Lakshmi, the Top Chef host, too reacted, saying, "I don't have time for this kind of negativity in my life right now."

Rimm made it more interesting by personally replying to Lakshmi.

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'Don't be dissin' the Prof!'

Maybe he meant 600, not 6, remarks comedian Mike Birbiglia


Maybe he meant 600, not 6, remarks comedian Mike Birbiglia

Trolling Rimm didn't end with Lakshmi.

He was even roasted by a scientist and MacArthur Fellow, Peter Gleick, who remarked, "Dude, you are seriously not helping the public perception of scientists."

Meanwhile, comedian Mike Birbiglia said, "It must be a typo. They probably mean 600."

Health reporter Jessica Glenza said a restaurant serving portions of only six fries is the "Least successful restaurant ever."


Give Rimm a break! French fries do cause serious issues

Well, Rimm may not be completely wrong in his observations.

A food item like French fries does have a lot of side effects on your health.

Numerous studies, even one published last year in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, have found out that such deep-fried items have caused many serious health conditions, including heart cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc.

When prepared well, potatoes are actually healthy


When prepared well, potatoes are actually healthy

However, eating just six fries at a time is a bit extreme.

Also, potatoes are packed in starch, but when prepared properly, they actually can be nutritious.

In fact, an unsalted, medium-sized baked potato with skin has only 160 calories and is naturally fat- and cholesterol-free.

But when you put that same in oil and deep fry it, that's when the problems crop up.

Expert says

'Anything can be eaten healthfully if it's eaten mindfully'

A dietician suggests while one shouldn't avoid any food item completely, what one must be careful about are the portion sizes.

Also, savoring each bite will make you feel full.

"Anything can be eaten healthfully if it's eaten mindfully. If you eat French fries that way, you will probably be satisfied with 10," said Elaine Magee, a dietitian and author of 25 nutrition books.

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