Man receives dirty underwear with Uber Eats delivery


12 Dec 2018

US man receives dirty underwear along with Uber Eats delivery

Who doesn't love unintentional surprise gifts? Be it a Rs. 100 note from your jeans' back pocket, or free dessert from a restaurant, we all love receiving such little surprises.

But, sometimes they turn out to be extremely unpleasant.

Like for this man in the United States, who received a stained underwear along with his Uber Eats order.

Here's what went down.


Uber driver ran away after handing over the ordered food

Uber driver ran away after handing over the ordered food

On Sunday, Leo, who was in Miami to attend a show of Art Basel, had ordered food from a Japanese restaurant nearby his hotel, through Uber Eats, a popular food delivery app.

When the order arrived, Leo walked out of his hotel to receive it and when he grabbed the food, the Uber driver instantly took off running.

We can take a guess why!


Leo thought it was napkin, but discovery revealed something else

Leo obviously found the Uber driver's behavior odd, but didn't suspect anything then.

He took his food, wrapped in a plastic, back into his room.

At first, when he saw the extra content, he thought it was a fancy napkin until he realized it was a thigh-length underwear, clearly stained with what looked like feces.

He immediately threw it back into the plastic.

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Uber says it's reviewing order, talking to concerned parties

Uber says it's reviewing order, talking to concerned parties

Sickened and apparently nauseated by the discovery, Leo called Uber, the restaurant and the police.

"Who thinks that you're going to get delivered someone's dirty underwear? Disgusting, unhealthy, it's potentially deadly," he told media.

In response, Uber, in a statement, said it's reviewing the order and reaching out to all concerned parties.

"The courier has been removed from the app, pending investigation," said Uber.

Another incident

Closer home, Zomato delivery guy ate food meant for delivery

Also, Leo received a full refund for the order.

The news of this incident comes a day after India's food delivery app, Zomato, released a statement regarding a video of one of its delivery guys eating food meant for delivery.

The video showed the man eating bits out of two food consignments and then carefully wrapping those back.

Time to learn how to cook!

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