Pakistani-journalist rides donkey while reporting on 'donkey business'


20 Dec 2018

Pakistani reporter rides on donkey while reporting on 'donkey business'

The passion of journalism often makes journalists push their limits and pull off some absolutely bizarre stunts.

Like this reporter in Pakistan, who has managed to garner huge attention by riding on a donkey, while presenting the news of thriving donkey business in the country.

The video of his reporting has gone viral and it will definitely make you burst into peals of laughter.


Pakistan leads the world in donkey population, says report

Pakistan leads the world in donkey population, says report

Yesterday, a journalist from Pakistan shared a video on Twitter lauding the efforts of a fellow journalist, Amin Hafeez from Geo News, saying the latter reported the news of donkey business by "risking his life".

In the video, Amin made an amusing commentary talking about the flourishing donkey business in Pakistan.

Notably, the report said that the country leads the world in donkey population.


Video showed donkeys getting treatment in hospitals made for them

Further in the video, huge livestock of donkey could be seen and their owners shared how the donkeys helped them rake in the moolah.

The report also included the kind of measures the Pakistan government is taking to ensure that the donkeys in the country are healthy.

The video further showed the donkeys were undergoing treatment in hospitals specifically made for them.

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Hafeez ends report while getting thrown off by the donkey

Hafeez ends report while getting thrown off by the donkey

In the end, Hafeez can be seen sitting on a donkey in all its glory and said, "The relationship between the humans and donkeys goes way back, but the sudden rise of the donkey rearing business in Lahore is making breeders ecstatic."

And as he was signing off crediting himself and the cameraman, the donkey brayed and almost threw Hafeez off its back.

This video will leave you giggling all day long


'Cant wait for Bollywood to copy this in a movie'

As expected, the netizens had a hearty laugh watching the amusing video and comments came pouring in.

While some lauded Hafeez's entertaining yet brave efforts, another couldn't get enough of the video and wanted to know how it ended.

Another one remarked, "Cant wait for Bollywood to copy this in a movie," (referring to Chand Nawab's Eid act that was recreated in Bajrangi Bhaijaan).

Bizarre reporting

Hafeez had previously interviewed a buffalo on TV

It appears that Hafeez has a knack of creating something entertaining out of the ordinary.

He is known for recording from the most unusual places and have often left the audience enthralled.

He has done bhangra on TV while reporting on the topic, fed a goat, interviewed a buffalo and also started grooving with locals while reporting on the first rain of the season.

Hafeez also likes to exercise while reporting on it!

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