Israeli parliament votes to disband, hold April-9 election


27 Dec 2018

Israeli Knesset votes to dissolve current parliament, schedules new elections

The Israeli Knesset has voted to dissolve the current parliament and scheduled new elections for April 9.

In what was largely a formality, the Knesset voted yesterday in favor of dissolving by a 102-2 margin.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he was disbanding his coalition, and taking the nation to new elections six months ahead of schedule.

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Opinion polls suggest Netanyahu's party will easily win re-election

Opinion polls suggest Netanyahu's party will easily win re-election

The country now heads into a three-month campaign.

Opinion polls have suggested that Netanyahu's nationalist Likud Party will easily win re-election.

But those bright prospects could be hurt by a looming decision by the country's attorney general on whether to file charges against Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is suspected in a series of corruption allegations.

An indictment would put heavy pressure on Netanyahu to step aside.

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