Theresa May discusses liberal visa scheme for Indian businessmen

07 Nov 2016 | Written by Vijaya ; Edited by Gaurav
British PM Theresa May in India

British Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in India for her 3-day visit which is aimed at enhancing Indo-UK relations in the areas of trade, investment, defence and security.

Speaking at the India-UK Tech Summit, May talked about the new visa scheme, the 'Registered Traveller Scheme'.

This is a first-ever visa regime for Indian businessmen which facilitates a significantly easier entry process, into the UK.

In context: British PM Theresa May in India

07 Nov 2016May's visit to be a first bilateral trip outside Europe

British PM Theresa May was scheduled for a 3-day visit to India, marking her first bilateral trip outside Europe, since taking office in July 2016.

She described India as UK's "most important and closest" friend and a leading power in the world.

May said she would use the visit to reaffirm the importance of strategic partnership, which already exists between the two countries.

AgendaWhat's on the agenda?

During her India trip, Theresa May will visit Delhi and Bengaluru.

In Delhi she will meet and hold talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both of them are set to jointly inaugurate the India-UK Tech Summit on 7 Nov.

On 8 Nov, May would travel to Bengaluru where she will attend business events and also meet Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah.

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Significance of the visit

Theresa May's visit comes at a time when the value of the pound has fallen 20%, and the UK economy took a huge hit, post Brexit (UK's exit from the European Union).
Trade and commerce to be the focus of visit

DetailsTrade and commerce to be the focus of visit

Theresa May will be accompanied by senior British Ministers and a big trade delegation.

A number of commercial deals are expected to be signed during her visit, to create jobs and demonstrate market confidence in the strength of UK economy. This includes three deals worth £370 million between private companies of both sides.

Immigration, defence and security are other key issues to be discussed.

07 Nov 2016Theresa May discusses liberal visa scheme for Indian businessmen

08 Nov 2016Visa, extradition issues top Indo-UK talks

Stringent rules for Indians to acquire UK visas was one of the main issues being discussed during British PM Theresa May's visit to India; relaxation of rules for student visas continued to prove contentious.

PM May said "The UK will consider further improvements to our visa offer" if illegal Indian immigrants moved out.

Meanwhile, India continued to push for Vijay Mallya's extradition.