2018: Crazy drinking trends across the world


29 Dec 2018

#ThatWas2018: 5 unbelievable drinking trends of the year

Experimentation and fusion are the hottest buzzwords in the food and drinking industry, across the globe.

Cafes and restaurants are perpetually looking to come up with newer food and drink ideas and people are always dying to try them.

The year gone by was jam-packed with such crazy trends.

Here, we take a look at the top 5 most insane drinking trends of 2018.

Chlorophyll Water

A nature-inspired (quite literally!) tonic for weight-watchers

A nature-inspired (quite literally!) tonic for weight-watchers

Chlorophyll, the pigment that lends plants their green color and helps them derive energy, using sunlight, has found its place in the diet plans of health-enthusiasts, this year.

The year gone by, saw the pigment's rising popularity in forms of supplements and packaged bottles.

Rich in antioxidants and micro-nutrients, the drink is believed to help in weight-loss, and has plenty of skin benefits.

Glitter beer

Shiny beer pictures are a delight for Instagrammers

2018 saw the coming of an exciting new change for beer lovers.

Picture-sharing platforms like Instagram and Snapchat got largely flooded with pictures of beer-glasses that glittered.

Not that the artificial, edible glitter has any impact on the taste of the brew, but it sure makes the looks and the experience of it, more enthralling.

Not to mention, the likes, comments and shares!

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Broccoli Latte

Exactly as bizarre as it sounds!

Exactly as bizarre as it sounds!

Broccoli Latte! Yes, you read that right.

Simply put, it's your regular cup of coffee, with a scoop of some broccoli powder on top of it.

The trend took the social media by storm, when Australia's National Science Agency posted a picture of the drink on their official Instagram account, explaining that it was introduced to make the Aussies consume more veggies.

Beer Ramen

Taking the concept of fusion-drinks way too far

When Yuu Japanes Tapas, a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver, Canada started serving a drink by the name- Beer Ramen, the Internet world went crazy.

Beer lovers were divided over the idea of noodles dunked in their beloved beverage.

But here's the catch- there's no alcohol involved.

The drink is simply a pint of chilled broth, filled with ramen noodles.

Tricked, weren't you?

Unicorn Latte

So beautiful, you'd want to make it a show-piece!

So beautiful, you'd want to make it a show-piece!

Yet another drink that caught the attention of the netizens this year was the eye-catching coffee variant called Unicorn Latte.

The drink looks so beautiful, you'd want to make it a show-piece.

The trend, started by a Brooklyn cafe, is today extremely popular.

Many cafes and restaurants have lately started to make their own versions of the drink by using edible rainbow colors.

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