US man attacks McDonald's woman employee over plastic-straw


03 Jan 2019

US: Didn't get plastic straw, man thrashes McDonald's woman employee

Short-tempered people often flare up over petty issues, and engage in aggressive behavior.

One such example is this man, who recently thrashed a McDonald's employee working in the St. Petersburg, Florida, outlet after she informed him that they don't have plastic straws.

The woman also fought back.

The video of the incident that happened on Sunday has gone viral since.

Here's what went down.


Employee said law doesn't permit them to keep plastic straws

Employee said law doesn't permit them to keep plastic straws

40-year-old Daniels Wills Taylor, after receiving his order, was upset to find no plastic-straws.

The cashier explained to him that the law doesn't allow them to keep plastic-straws in the lobby.

Notably, the St. Petersburg Council voted last month to ban plastic-straws by 2020, beginning with a grace period in 2019, in which customers must specifically request for straws at city businesses.


Witness recorded incident as Taylor was about to attack employee

However, Taylor was irked by what the cashier said, and told her that there is no such law.

The argument escalated between the two and turned really ugly, after which the tall, middle-aged white man attempted to physically attack the employee, a young black girl.

A witness named Brenda Biandudi then started recording the incident in case someone needed to know what happened.

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Employee fought back, flung punches at the man

Employee fought back, flung punches at the man

In the video, Taylor can be seen leaning across the counter, and grabbing the cashier by her collar.

She lurches forward and instantly started flinging punches at the man.

People can be heard saying, "Let her go" and "Stop".

An employee first tried to pull the woman back, then went across the counter and pulled the customer back until he let go of her.


Man asked 'manager' to fire the woman employee

The employee, still enraged, kept shouting as she was escorted away by a co-worker.

Moments after the altercation, when the woman came to collect her phone, Taylor told another employee whom he assumed was the manager, that he wants her "fired".

This provoked the woman and she said, "No, you are going to jail!," prompting Taylor to throw more swears at her.


Not recorded: Taylor also kicked the employee in her stomach

Not recorded: Taylor also kicked the employee in her stomach

At the end, a McDonald's employee told Taylor, "Sir, get outta here."

Some incidents were not recorded in the video, which included Taylor going behind the counter and verbally accosting the manager.

He also kicked the woman employee in the stomach when she was standing near the exit door.

Finally, another employee, a bigger guy, dragged him outside the door and locked it.

Here is the video of the incident

Viral video

Witness' children shared the video on Internet, it went viral

Someone by then had called the police, and Biandudi stayed back in case officers wanted to review the video.

However, by the time police arrived, Taylor had fled.

Meanwhile, Biandudi shared the video with her family members, and her children decided to make it viral.

The video garnered millions of views and was also shared by the Atlanta Black Star, an online magazine.


Taylor was arrested, ordered to stay away from restaurant, employee

Taylor was arrested, ordered to stay away from restaurant, employee

Taylor was arrested in the evening.

Police said there were no weapons found with him but there were indications that he was under the influence of alcohol.

He was charged with two-accounts of Simple Battery (first-degree misdemeanor under Florida law) and was ordered to stay away from the restaurant and avoid contact with the employee.

He's currently awaiting trial in the Pinellas County Jail.

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