Human-sized backpacks in Japan are the new cool


04 Jan 2019

You could fit another human in these new Japanese backpacks

Time and again the world has seen some really unexpected, unusual and bizarre fashion items become the new trendy.

And now, the latest fad is the human-sized backpack known as 'The Backpacker's Closet' designed by Japanese company CFW, and is being sold by a retailer Plywood.

Mind you, when we say human-sized, it is exactly how it sounds.

Here's more about this backpack.


Bag itself weighs 1.6 kg and costs Rs. 16,800

Bag itself weighs 1.6 kg and costs Rs. 16,800

When you look at it the first time, it might creep you out wondering if you can fit a small child or several inside it.

The huge oversized bag is about 100 cm tall and it weighs 3.5 lbs (approx 1.6 kg).

It is currently available in three colors- sand beige, olive drag and black and it costs 26,000 yen (Rs. 16,800).


Company describes bag fit for camping in forests and mountains

The company has described it as a bag fit for camping through the mountains and the forest.

We are not sure if you'll actually be carrying it or dragging it on the mountains!

But, worry not, the shoulder straps of the bag are apparently designed in such a way that they would reduce the stress on the shoulders, making it easy to move and transport.

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Sold out!

Bags already sold out, will be restocked, says retailer

Bags already sold out, will be restocked, says retailer

You may be finding it a tad bit bigger than you need or considering it as a second alternative for your closet, but it's quite popular in Japan.

The bags are already sold out in Plywood, and are set to be restocked.

While it's yet to be seen if it hits off globally, Japanese customers are sharing their experience with it on social media.

He looks like he is having fun!

Meme fashion

Bag is probably a part of the 'meme fashion'

Like we mentioned earlier, unusual items almost never fail to make it to being trendy.

In 2018, fashion search-engine Lyst noted that searches for meme fashion saw a huge spike.

The meme fashion included items such as Balenciaga's double-layered shirt or its Layered Parka, which will remind you of Joey Tribbiani wearing 7 jackets in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Guess, bizarre has always been the new cool.

Was Jacquemus' hat inspired by India's 'ghunghat'?


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