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05 Jan 2019

Trump says 'prepared' to force shutdown for over a year

President Donald Trump said yesterday he was prepared to keep the US government closed for a year or more, as he stood firm on his contentious demand for billions of dollars to fund a border wall with Mexico.

Trump confirmed he said as much in a meeting earlier Friday with top Democrats that failed to produce a deal on ending the two-week shutdown.


Trump may call a national emergency to build wall

Trump may call a national emergency to build wall

"Absolutely I said that," Trump said, adding, "I don't think it will. But I am prepared."

He continued, "It's very important that we have great border security. It will be over with sooner than people think. I will do whatever we have to do."

The US President even said that he may call a national emergency and build the wall very quickly.


Federal workers affected by shutdown still support me: US President

Trump insisted that federal workers affected by the US government shutdown support him, despite the fact that many were forced either to work without salaries or go on unpaid leave.

"Many of those people, that really have not been and will not be getting their money in at this moment, are the biggest fan of what we're doing," said the US President.

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Pending deal

Democrats in no mood to make concessions to Trump

Democrats in no mood to make concessions to Trump

A quick end to the stalemate doesn't appear to be in sight as Democrats, who now control the House of Representatives, seem in no mood to make concessions to the US president.

Incoming House leader Nancy Pelosi has described the wall as an "immorality" while once again flatly rejecting Trump's insistence on $5.6 billion for the wall.

She said it's time to reopen government.

It's time for Trump to accept 'yes' as answer: Pelosi

US government shutdown started on December 22

The impasse has left more than 800,000 federal workers furloughed or working without pay since December 22, as both Democrats and Republicans have attempted to pin the blame on the other side. The partial shutdown has entered its 14th day today.

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